Janathon 2017 – Week 1 Round Up

So it’s that time again – Janathon time! This year I am giving it my all! Working out every day (some days more gently as it’s important to let the body recover too!) – and I am also aiming to get in 10,000 steps every day as well (though will be satisfied if I manage 5 out of 7 days for this!)

So what have I been up to for the first seven days, well if you follow me on Instagram you probably already have an idea, but here are a few more details!

Day 1 – New Years Day
Double parkrun (Greenwich – Avery Hill Park and Bexley – Danson Park) with my lovely friend Helen of helsbels.org – we started 2016 off in the same way, and I think it’s a great way to start the year!

new-years-day-parkrunI felt such a sense of achievement after completing the second one. Considering I don’t run as regularly, what this did illustrate to me is that all my other workouts do pay off. I wasn’t particularly fast, but I ran both parkruns relatively comfortably, though my right ankle was aching by the second one (might be time for some new trainers – I hate change) and I did manage to turn my ankle, but both times were faster than last new years so that’s good enough for me!

Step Count: 18,874

Day 2

Managed a 7.5km walk – it was so lovely! Cold and crisp, and the sky was so clear, could see the moon and Venus!

evening-walkStep Count: 10,125

Day 3

Circuits workout – 30 secs of mountain climbers, bridges, squat thrusts and bicycles with a 30 second rest repeated four times! 😊x

Step Count: 4,321

Day 4

I did a fitness blender kickboxing workout – can definitely feel it in my arms and shoulders today! I did get in 10,000 steps as well! Wohoo! 😜x

Step Count: 10,678

Day 5

First Boxercise session, with Foxee Fitness, back after the Christmas break and it was good! Managed 6,217 steps – not quite my 10,000 a day goal! But never mind!

Step Count: 6,217

Day 6

A short 7 minute workout – as it was my ‘rest day’ and I managed 12,658 steps – woohoo! So far managed 4 days out of 6 of 10k steps a day, hoping I can do today as well and get 5 out of 7! 😊🀞🏻

Step Count: 12,658

Day 7

Workout 1 of week 3 of cycle 3 of the Alex Crockford 12 week homefit plan. This is the fitness test part of the plan and I pretty chuffed as this was the first time I actually completed this version where you start with 10 reps of each exercise going down until one of each exercise – it was tough going, but glad I made it!

Step Count: 11,164

Total Step Count: 84,068

So that’s it for week one – how did you get on with the first week of Janathon? πŸ™‚ x

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