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So a few months ago I got an email that the Selfie Factory was coming to Bluewater – I read about it and knew I couldn’t miss such a fun and crazy opportunity! But who to take with me!? There really was no question who I would ask – my wonderful and beautiful fellow blogger friend – Ayla, and fortunately, she was just as excited as me!

So initially we discussed going for an hour – then I noticed they had entire day tickets – that was more like it!!! We thought – let’s do it, let’s make a proper girlie day of it, no kids, lunch at a restaurant – then we discussed that we’d go the whole hog, for the Selfie Factory, and take changes of clothes too! Why the hell not!? So we did!!!

The day we’d both been looking forward to arrived – the lovely Ayla drove us to Bluewater (I’d already completed two PT client sessions in the morning) and so we got there at about 11.15am.

I’ll admit – we went for it big time and took full advantage of the fact we had all day passes and brought a couple of changes of clothes and shoes with each of us. Sometimes you’ve just got to embrace these crazy days fully and wholeheartedly.

So we entered the factory and the main section was split up into cubes – each with its own theme. Starting on the right – the first cube had a swing chair and was surrounded by flowers. I think the middle pic looks like something off a rock magazine cover (obviously with someone other than me on it!)

Then the next cube contained the biggest, cutest teddy you’ve ever seen! Ayla did this theme way better than me – but we did get a nice joint photo! The first pic does make me wonder how long are my legs!?

We then had one set up with an American Diner feel – including fake milkshake accessory! There was also a pay phone, but we didn’t take any images with that.

The following cube was decked out in green astroturf with green astroturf armchair. The photo of me on my phone – I was actually on the phone to my mum! So might as well use it as part of the photoshoot! Haha! Proof that chairs can also be used for something other than sitting!

After this came a quirky cube, half clear with white walls and colourful stripes and half was fully taken up with ribbons hanging from the ceiling. Boomerang was good with this one – though watch out for some of the bloopers on my Instagram!

Then there was the ‘bathroom’ style cubicle with a freestanding bath filled with pink plastic balls. Think this was one of my favourites (but then I look at the photos and realise they’re all my favourites). These photos visually represent some of my preferred ‘me time’ activities – wearing my gym kit – so working out, reading my book and soak in the bath! Bliss…

This gets you to the back of the room where there was a blackboard on the wall with chalk available for you to draw on it – but didn’t get a photo of that. Next to that was a big ball pool full of yellow balls and a few rubber ducks! I had my ducks in a row and we did attempt to pull our best duck faces!

Next to the ball pool was a wall of pink balloons… wasn’t quite sure how to pose with them!?

Directly opposite this was a wall of neoprene flowers – this is where I had my first photos taken.

We are now traveling back down the other side…

Behind the flower wall was a cubicle of confetti – another which lent itself to some fun Boomerangs.

The wall the other side of the confetti room was covered in metallic silver disks and here also led to the changing rooms. Even a section in the main bit of this room you could take a photo in…

Next was a quirky one – setup with telephones hanging upside from their cords.

Then there was a super colourful room, with armchair, pouffe, telephone and epic wallpaper – loved this one!

The wall on the outside of this cube was painted with angel wings, which I most definitely had to have a photo with because I am an angel obviously (why are you laughing…!?! That’s just rude… Sheesh…. hehee….)

Then a room to the right (if you’re facing the exit) was fully dedicated to pink – pink ball pit with pink balls, pink deckchairs, pink elephant, a wall of donuts (some had pink topping – some brown, some yellow) and then a wall of post it’s – which we added to as we left!

The finally the wall on the way out said “Pink is Always an Option” which I totally agree is true.

I needed this day – I’ve got so much going on in life both good and bad (like everyone – you’ll know a lot about that if you follow me on Instagram and if you don’t – why don’t you!? Haha!) and I needed a day just to forget about it all, go a little crazy, have a laugh, not be mum, not be a wife, not be a PT – just be me and spend time with my awesome friend and that’s just what I did.

If you want a fun, quirky and totally different day out, I can’t recommend the Selfie Factory enough – we had such an amazing day, laughed so much, went for lunch where I didn’t have to base it on my kids’ likes/dislikes.

I even forgot my worries for a while – occupied with getting ‘the’ photo – and it was perfect! Unfortunately, it’s now finished – but I certainly hope it comes back again to Bluewater – Ayla and I will be there – with more clothes and accessories ready to selfie and take even more than 600+ photo again!!!

Did you go to the Selfie Factory? Would you go if it comes back to Bluewater? πŸ™‚ xxx

4 thoughts on “Selfie Factory

  1. Hahahaha sooooo much fun!! Well done on suggesting the full day because there is absolutely no way we would have been able to fit it all into just an hour! You are totally rocking the swing chair and you are looking seductively cute with the giant teddy lol! Definitely doing this with you again next year xx

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    • Roll on next year!!! More fun and laughter with cute and seductive photos!!! And my eyebrow🀨I tell you, it has a life of it’s own!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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