Janathon 2017 – Week 2 Round Up

So a little round up of Janathon week 2 – sorry for the delay in publishing, I have been monumentally busy, but loving all my exercise!

Day 8

Alex Crockford Cycle 3 workout 2 – 45 secs with 15 secs rest – jump lunges, static sprint, shoulder presses, 180 degree frog squat jumps and side lunges – repeated 4 times. Then 15 split squats, each leg, repeated 3 times!

Step Count: 10,031

Day 9

I was in equal parts and terrified and excited by my first ever 1-2-1 PowerWave session.  This is an intense 20 minute workout, doing 4 sets of 5 exercises.  Each exercise is carried out for 50 seconds with a 10 second rest, there is no rest between sets – oh yes, and all whilst holding a 20kg bag, easy right!?! Haha!!! I loved every second of it – though knew I was going to ache in places I never knew even existed afterwards.  I also walked there and home again, so by 11am I had covered my 10,000 steps for the day! Woohoo!!!

My PowerWave instructor, Jemma Clews, is absolutely phenomenal – the perfect combination of encouragement and sergeant major to get you trhough the workout and make you truly believe you can do this!!! I highly recommend her!

Step Count: 17,760

Day 10

I did this workout extremely gently as I was decidedly sore after my amazing PowerWave session the day before, but I did find that this workout helped stretch my aching muscles – also went for a long walk, which I always find helps – and got me over my 10,000 steps target for the day.

Step Count: 15,339

Day 11

Still quite sore, but wanted to get a workout in, so continued on with my Alex Crockford homefit plan

Step Count: 8,796

Day 12

Today was meant to have been Boxercise with Foxee Fitness, but unfortunately due to the snow making driving conditions dangerous it was cancelled, so a Fitness Blender workout to the rescue.  It was a Kickboxing and Abs workout and made me thoroughly sweaty, so it must have been good! 😛

Step Count: 5,694

Day 13

Today was my rest day, but I couldn’t not do anything, so found a nice stretching routine on Fitness Blender – which was very enjoyable and exactly what I needed! Bliss!

Step Count: 9,118 – Argh so close!!!

Day 14

Fitness test again – and I was chuffed to shave 50 seconds off my time from the previous week!

Step Count: 8,051

Total Step Count: 74,789

So how have you got on with Janathon so far? Managed to do some exercise everyday? 🙂 xxx

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