A Conversation with Alex Crockford

So it’s been over two years since I did my first interview with the ever lovely Alex Crockford – and it very much was an interview (see at the bottom for the originl interview) and then Alex putting me through a bit of a workout, roll forward to 2019…

I’ve subsequently met up with Alex a few times over the last two years from his meet up in Hyde Park, as part of Team Fitbit at last year’s Adidas City Run in Shoreditch, and being at the amazing fitness weekend he ran in January 2018 amongst other things – so Alex and I arranged to meet up again and have a proper catch-up covering all manner of things;What he’d been doing in the last two years

His Crockfit App

Mental Health Awareness – particularly his conversation with the Naked Professor

FIIT and Sports Direct

Wedding plans

Learning to say “No”

Future plans for the Alex Crockford brand

an obviously the cats – couldn’t leave out Pickle and Baxter now could we!?

And what changes I’ve gone through in the last two years as well (asides from the obvious change of hair colour, a few piercings and tattoos!)

Watch now to see it all…

and then Alex and I did a workout together (what was I thinking choosing those exercises!?) I made sure he got a sweat on too this time – with some more chat in between with some discussion covering our tattoos, check it all out below…

If you want to do one of Alex Crockford’s plans or to find out more, find all his links below!


What questions would you asked – to Alex or me? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

The original interview from 2017…

…The workout from 2017


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