Where did June go?

Wow, I cannot believe it is the final day of Juneathon and I have managed to write a post (how ever brief) everyday for 30 days! Unfortunately I haven’t logged all the activity in Running Free Online as yet… *sigh*

So today I have been on my feet quite a bit, I was involved in doing a talk for the sixth formers at my old school that I left in *incomprehensible due to a loud noise* – it was great to go back and see some of my old teachers and to try and impress on the sixth formers that it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you want to do yet.  Look at me, I am old (in the eyes of an 18 year old) and I have gone back to study and I am doing a degree!

Then this evening Helen and I decided to go for gentle walk – far too warm to run, well for me it was!

Walk with Helen - bumped into another friend too and stood still for a  little bit!
Walk with Helen – bumped into another friend too and stood still for a little bit!

I also did my final 30 toe touches, 30 sit and reaches and 30 sit ups/tummy crunches! Yay!!!


Hope everyone else had a successful Juneathon!

🙂 xxx

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Some exercise was done!

So a bit more exercise was actually done for my Juneathon Day 29 contribution!

  • This morning I did about 3 hours of house work – I actually broke a sweat! Cleaning down of sides, washing up, putting away laundry, sweeping floors and vacuuming! I even bleached round the bath!!!
  • There was the walks to and from school for the Pink One
  • I did my 29 toe touches, 29 sit and reaches and 29 sit ups/tummy crunches!


How is everyone else finding the hot weather?

🙂 xxx

…work in progress…

I have been a bit slack with the exercise for Juneathon Day 28 – but otherwise it’s been a busy day today!

Went to mass this morning where I was co-running the children’s liturgy!

Then home to do a bit of study and then out again to sing with my choir this afternoon!

Then this evening I have been working on my new logo and branding using the amazing talents of my sister!!! I’m soooo excited!!! She’s the best!!!

All to be revealed soon!!!


Need my bed!

It’s been a lovely but busy day! Saw the Minion movie with the family and it was fab. BAAAANNNNAAANNNAAA!!! 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

Then visited a few shops afterwards so walking was involved – so that counts for Juneathon Day 27!

Did some OU study when I got home and then my sister and her family came over for the late afternoon/evening! The kids had loads of fun playing with their cousins but have only just now (10:50pm) fallen asleep!

I’m off to bed now too – so walking and a token star jump for today it is then!!! 😊xxx

Short and sweet

Going out to my friend’s house this evening so getting this completed early, and just a short one for Juneathon Day 26.

After yesterday’s grumpy/ranting post (from which I received lots of nice supportive messages and advice – so thank you!) todays post has something happy to share with you – I managed to log back into MapMyRun!!! Yay!!! Woohoo!!!
Didn’t try until this afternoon – so no step count for today, so below I share yesterdays one with you!

Yesterday's Step Count
Yesterday’s Step Count

My exercise today:

  • The Big Shop in Morrisons – with the Blue One in the trolley along with all the shopping (heavy!)
  • 26 toe touches, 26 sit and reaches and 26 sit ups/tummy crunches – can’t believe I forgot to do these yesterday!!! Wallowing in my own world of self pity instead!!! haha!! 😛 My son joined me – which was very sweet, but he kept tooting which was rather whiffy!!! Sorry for TMI!!!
Sit up...Blue One toot...whiffy... :-D
Sit up…Blue One toot…whiffy… 😀

🙂 xxx

Feeling decidely grumpy

It’s just been a bit of pants day for Juneathon Day 25.

It all started with my dieticians appointment at St Guy’s this morning, it’s a follow up appointment as I have been on a low FODMAP (Low Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols) diet since February, as I suffer with ‘virus induced IBS’ (I don’t know about you, but I feel the diagnosis of IBS is a bit of a cop out and really an umbrella term for ‘we don’t know what’s really wrong with you’) and I really should now be re-introducing foods, but I have developed a bit of a phobia of eating these foods now as I don’t want to have stomach cramps and feel ill, not that the low FODMAP diet has completely eliminated my symptoms, it hasn’t! The first follow up appointment I had, turned out it could have been the chips and toast (gluten free bread) I was eating that was still giving me symptoms, as this ‘retards the starches or sugars as they have already been cooked which can makes them more difficult to digest leading to the my symptoms blah blah blah’! Basically I need to make my own chips if that’s what I want to eat! Though subsequently I feel potato doesn’t agree with me anyway – along with so many other things (though technically should be fine on a the low FODMAP diet).

This appointment, when I explained what I had been eating – it turns out it’s my bloody bowls of cornflakes I’ve been eating that are probably making me bloated and have a grumbly tum! Argh!!! If you know me well, you will know that I love my breakfast, it’s my favourite meal of the day, and I have two huge bowls of cereal in the morning (I love cereal) – none of this 30g crap – and in the book it says cornflakes were fine, what I didn’t realise was the portion size!!! It’s fine if you have half a cup – this is an exceptionally measly 15g – so my lovely dietician, bless her, as she didn’t want to tell me to stop eating something else said maybe to mix that with half a cup of rice crispies, because again these would have too much oligosaccharides if you have a larger portion! I just wanted to cry! My one flipping decent meal of the day…
I could buy the gluten free cereals – but they are about £3 for a tiddly box that probably wouldn’t last me three days! It’s just all so costly!  The Genius white sandwich loaf I buy is £3 a go – to put it perspective I can buy two loaves of normal bread for a £1 in Morrisons – it’s just ridiculous – and I appreciate higher manufacturing costs etc, but more and more people are going gluten free – so it’d be nice to see the price go down a bit, I make use of my NUS card and buy my bread in the Coop and get 10% off – yay!!!

This whole thing is making me miserable, as I don’t feel I eat enough to do my running anymore, my diet is so limited it’s embarrassing and makes going out for dinner with friends practically impossible – as things like onion and garlic are off the menu! Part of me wishes I’d never gone down this route, and had just given up dairy and gluten (wheat).  I wish there was something out there that could truly test what I was intolerant to and not just this constant guessing game, as this brings on my anxiety issues which just exacerbates my symptoms! It’s all very much a vicious circle and rather depressing!!!

Part of me wishes I could just go “Sod it” and start eating normally again – but it just doesn’t work like that, unfortunately! So now I wait for a referral to a gastroenterologist at Guy’s, I have to make an appointment with my own GP if I feel I need some mental help with regards to the phobia I have now developed with food and I can investigate the likes of Symprove and Align – probiotics that are meant to be very good but again are really expensive!!! I, again, am also apprehensive about taking them!

The only good thing was I did lots of walking – which was good for Juneathon Day 25, and I recorded my walk home from the station as a workout!

At least this sign made me smile today!
At least this sign, outside London Bridge, made me smile today!

Then this evening I went for very pleasant walk with the lovely Helen – who kindly let me bend her ear with all the above, poor girl! I was a bit ranty and I got worse as to add insult to injury I went to my MapMyWalk app to record our walk and it’s logged me out and when I have gone to log back in – it tells me it doesn’t recognise my email – I tried signing in using Facebook to no avail – so I have no photo of my step count (which I know was already over 6000 after walking up London) or my work out walk back home from the station – I’m seriously hoping it hasn’t lost my whole account history, will be emailing them presently – hence after today I think I am entitled to feel a bit grumpy!!!

Apologies for such a rambling and moany post – but just needed to get it off my chest!

Tomorrow is a new day – praying that it’s a better one!!!

Has anyone else suffered like this – do you have a happy outcome you can share with me? Or have you used Symrove/Align or the equivalent – can you share your experience with me? Has it improved your quality of life?

In other news - I used up my strawberries that were on the turn and made ice lollies for my kids!
In other news – I used up my strawberries that were on the turn and made ice lollies for my kids!

😛 xxx

I’ve been singing

My Juneathon Day 24 is going to be short and sweet as I was singing in a concert this evening with my choir and am rather tired now…

  • Walked to and from the child minder’s to collect the Blue One – the Pink One on a scooter!
Walk (Scoot) There!
Walk (Scoot) There!
Walk (Scoot) Back!
Walk (Scoot) Back!
  • 24 toe touches, 24 sit and reaches, 24 sit ups/tummy crunches (ugh!!!)

workout  step count

Good night all!

🙂 xxx

It was a run!!!

So for Juneathon Day 23 this evening I went for a pleasant one mile run with Helen – but I was annoyed that I didn’t noticed until afterwards I’d entered  a Walk rather than a Run into MapMyRun!!! Argh!!! Oh well, never mind!

Grumpy face as I put walk instead of run!!! :-P
Grumpy face as I put walk instead of run!!! 😛

Prior to my run I did my 23 toe touches, 23 sit and reaches and 23 sit ups/tummy crunches (starting to really feel these in my tummy muscles now!) I also did an additional exercise which involved my kids sitting on my legs like I was a ‘throne’ and then me being an ejector seat – to much hysterical laughter! I only managed a couple of these, my feet started going numb!!! haha!!!

Step count
Step count

🙂 xxx

Just the usual!

I don’t know why, but I am absolutely exhausted today – actually put a film on for the Blue One (Despicable Me 2 if you’re interested) after school drop off of the Pink One, while I had a lay down on the sofa! The Blue One got me his dinosaur pillow pet to cuddle and sat with me bless him and I think I did doze for about 30 mins!

So today’s Juneathon contributions for Day 22 were quite lack lustre and not very enthusiastic! Sorry!

Bet you can’t guess what I did… ok bet you can.. I did 22 toe touches, 22 sit and reaches, 22 sit ups/tummy crunches! I also cleared out the shelf of my wardrobe, and with the amount of clothing I own, this definitely constitutes exercise!!!

Step count
Step count

🙂 xxx

Minimum Requirements

Another busy day and still feeling exhausted from all the running around yesterday my Juneathon Day 21 contribution is 21 toe touches, 21 sit and reaches and 21 sit ups/tummy crunches! This was such a laugh when I started with one of each – now the laugh is on me!!! Haha!!! 😜

In other news that may amuse – my Pink One is doing very well at her gymnastics (and the teacher also said she was a nice little girl too!) – so my mum and dad treated her to a leotard and leggings and mummy and daddy got her a second leotard.

My little gymnast (and good girlie)!
My little gymnast (and good girlie)!

So today when she put one on the Blue One had to join in didn’t he!?! Haha!!! I probably shouldn’t share, poor boy, but just couldn’t resist…

Ones to have printed out for his eighteenth!!! Mwah ha ha...
Ones to have printed out for his eighteenth!!! Mwah ha ha…
My Pink One - Gymnast and the Blue One looking like a ballet dancer! Look at that face!!!
My Pink One – Gymnast and the Blue One looking like a ballet dancer! Look at that face and those socks!!!
Gymnastics poses!
Gymnastics poses!

And now back to Juneathon… My step count was pretty pants today as well! I will try and do better!


🙂 xxx