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Hello, I’m Geraldine! First and foremost a little bit about me I am a wife and mum! I’ve been married to my poor, I mean lucky hubby for over 13 years.

With my better half!
With my better half!

We are very fortunate to have two beautiful kids, the eldest one is our daughter, aka the Pink One, the youngest is our son, aka the Blue One – I adore them both though they can drive me to distraction!

Pink  Blue One
The Small People!

I am a natural born worrier and a rather anxious person, diagnosed in 2014 with a General Anxiety Disorder, which goes wonderfully with my IBS type symptoms and OCD tendencies! Don’t even get me talking about my dietary issues, poxy low FODMAP diet…

I took up running in February 2014 – which has been an amazing, a time to help with clearing my head – with the additional benefit that it’s good for my health too! It was because of my running I thought I would do this blog – to share my running journey/adventure and hopefully help others who are just starting out. Though after writing my first blog I’ve realised this could be a platform to relieve my mind of it’s usual over thinking!!!

My blog is now my unpaid therapist – I will cover anything from days out as a family, the trials and tribulations of parenthood, arts and crafts with the kids to my own photography! If it goes round and round in my mind enough – I’ll eventually write a post about it.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you enjoy my eclectic mix of random thoughts and musings and if it helps just one person think – “it’s not just me” – I’ve done something right! 🙂 xxx

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Geraldine! I read your ‘guilty’ blog on netmums & thought it was fantastic & really hit the nail on the head of how most, if not all Mums feel on a daily basis so thanks for that. I then visited your blog page & was amazed to see how similar our life stories seem to be!
    I too struggle with my tummy & have been doing low FODMAP since Feb and am at re introducing stage which is really tricky. Still not sure it’s getting to the crucks of the problem though are you? I too have a pink one & a blue one but mine are the other way round & they are 6&3. They constantly tell me I’m too shouty & it breaks my heart…but I still shout!
    Anyway, just thought I’d say hey & thanks for helping me realise I’m not alone! Apart from the mixing play dough colours, I was the same but just try not to look now! Sam x


    • Oh thank you Sam for taking the time to write to me! This means so much and is exactly why I started my blog – just to know we’re not alone is such a great help! I will be doing the reintroduction of food soon – I delayed it as I’m running a 10km on the 25th May and didn’t want to upset my tummy before hand! Just wish there was a magic pill we could take! How funny with all the similarities! Hope you keep reading and enjoying my blog!!! Let me know how you get on with the re-introductions and if you find any magic foods! So lovely to hear from you! 😊xxx


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