Janathon 2017 – Week 4 Round Up

Wow – Final week of January 2017 and final week of Janathon! Is it me, or has January felt like an extraordinarily long month!?! Oops I forgot to press publish – haha!!! 😛

So as January doesn’t have only 28 days, the final week of Janathon is a smidge longer, so here’s my final round up for Janathon 2017!

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Janathon 2017 – Week 1 Round Up

So it’s that time again – Janathon time! This year I am giving it my all! Working out every day (some days more gently as it’s important to let the body recover too!) – and I am also aiming to get in 10,000 steps every day as well (though will be satisfied if I manage 5 out of 7 days for this!)

So what have I been up to for the first seven days, well if you follow me on Instagram you probably already have an idea, but here are a few more details!

Day 1 – New Years Day
Double parkrun (Greenwich – Avery Hill Park and Bexley – Danson Park) with my lovely friend Helen of helsbels.org – we started 2016 off in the same way, and I think it’s a great way to start the year!
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Janathon Day 25 – Walking it off!

Well I had planned to do some weights today but I woke up with a pinched nerve in my shoulder which is rather painful and making my whole right arm ache! I am blaming it on the day of study I did the day before and all the hand writing (and nothing to do with the exercising I’ve been doing).

Beautiful Day for a Walk


So instead I went for a walk , as it was a really beautiful morning – managing over 7000+ steps by 9:30am – so with my busy day of the Blue Ones football and then the Pink and Blue Ones swimming lessons I managed to go over 10,000+ steps today!
StepsWhat do you like to do on a rest day 🙂 xxx

Janathon Day 23 – 10,000 steps by 10am

10,000 steps by 10am
10,000 steps by 10am

Today was Parkrun – my lovely friend Kay was doing her first ever Parkrun so I was very happy to be going along to support her!

It was a beautiful day and I was quite delighted that it was considerably warmer than last Saturday – the only downside to this was that the mud was decidedly squelchy again and this makes me very careful as it can be so slippery!

See - it was muddy!
See – it was muddy!

I felt pretty good this week and Kay did amazingly well and stuck with me for the most part! My time today was 00:32:55 – slowly going in the right direction – my dream for 2016 is to do 5km in 30 minutes, but we’ll see! I was very happy to see that my splits were pretty even and if I can gradually keep shaving off a few seconds each time I know I can get there!
ParkrunBecause we good girls and walked to and from Parkrun – I’d already taken over 10,000 steps by the time I got home at around 10am and covered over 8km! Good start to the weekend!

After a spot of lunch I went and did the big Morrisons show – which is definitely a work out and whilst in store racked up another 2,000+ steps and 1km in distance – not mention all the lifting and carrying!

Big Shop
The Big Shop!


This afternoon (and evening) has been all about the OU study – but I initially struggled as I felt so sleepy after the mornings exertions!

It’s all good for us, right!?! 🙂 xxx

Just the usual!

I don’t know why, but I am absolutely exhausted today – actually put a film on for the Blue One (Despicable Me 2 if you’re interested) after school drop off of the Pink One, while I had a lay down on the sofa! The Blue One got me his dinosaur pillow pet to cuddle and sat with me bless him and I think I did doze for about 30 mins!

So today’s Juneathon contributions for Day 22 were quite lack lustre and not very enthusiastic! Sorry!

Bet you can’t guess what I did… ok bet you can.. I did 22 toe touches, 22 sit and reaches, 22 sit ups/tummy crunches! I also cleared out the shelf of my wardrobe, and with the amount of clothing I own, this definitely constitutes exercise!!!

Step count
Step count

🙂 xxx

I’ll keep this brief…

Woohoo!!! Remembered to do my toe touches, sit and reaches, sit ups/tummy crunches, of which there were 19 of each, this morning – as opposed to going ‘Oh pants’ and having to do them in the evening!!!

The Blue One had his jabs this morning, which I hate (the hubby has to come too, I can’t cope with them alone), but the Blue One was very brave, and you cannot underestimate the medicinal qualities of chocolate buttons – they calmed the Blue One down before we left the doctor’s surgery where we then treated him to a trip to the Smyth’s Toy Store to pick a toy for his bravery (which is the same thing we did with the Pink One when she had hers about 2 years ago!) – so there was quite a bit of walking around for that, which shows in todays step count!!!

Step count
Step count

When we got home after all that I felt absolutely exhausted – completely drained, think I’d been so anxious about the whole thing that my system just ground to a halt once they were done, I actually fell asleep on the sofa for about half an hour this afternoon, which is unlike me!

Therefore I didn’t do any major exercise – went for walk round to the Coop and back!

Short walk
Short walk

🙂 xxx

Hmmm, not much to say…

Feeling somewhat of a slacker today on Juneathon day 15, there was no specific exercise as such, me just making my usual days activities out to be considered as exercise… I did the usual walk to and from school to drop off and collect my Pink One!

My step count was pretty reasonable today too!

I did manage 15 toe touches, 15 sit and reaches and 15 sit ups/tummy tucks – which my Blue One also tried to do (he only did one!)- he looks much cuter doing them than I do!!!

🙂 xxx