Tatt it Again!

So it’s not that long ago that I shared with you Tattoo Tales – which explains my reasons behind why I got the tattoos I have and every single one means something very important to me and I love them.

Image courtesy of www.someecards.com

Now usually there are about two years between each time I’ve got a tattoo – this time it didn’t work out that way, it’s only been about 4 months since I got my phoenix!

But I this latest tattoo means so much to me and contains so much meaning, I am literally wearing my heart on my sleeve and every time I look at it I smile…

So why does it mean so much? In a nutshell, it signifies my story, my life and all the things I do to help cope with my anxiety!

So here’s what each of my little icons mean…


Represents my blogging – my blog is really important to me and has helped me connect with so many other people who I can identify with, who’ve supported me and who I’ve helped support.
It’s a place where I can offload – as I’ve described it before – it’s my unpaid therapist.Β  Also if it weren’t for my blog I wouldn’t have been able to get involved in some amazing events, which in themselves have helped with my anxiety and confidence!

Mobile Phone

I know it’s terrible – but I feel naked if I don’t have my phone with me! My life is on my phone! I use it primarily for taking photos/videos and my social media, love me a bit of Instagram! I also use it to track my running (good old Strava) and also listen to my music – which are both anxiety coping mechanisms for me. It’s connected to my FitBit as well, which tracks all my activities and also my sleep – which I find fascinating, but does show I don’t get enough of it!


Absolute love this cute little trainer! I think it’s my favourite icon – but shhhh, don’t tell the others!
Running means the world to me – it’s what started me on my health and fitness journey – if I hadn’t started running (using a couch to 5k app on my phone!) I wouldn’t have met one of my awesomest best friends Helen, and without meeting Helen I would have never started my blog, and without my blog I wouldn’t have had some amazing experiences and it’s because of my blog that I spoke to the gym manager at the gym I joined and got signed onto a course to become a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer and I wouldn’t now be doing a job I absolutely love. Grateful just isn’t the word!
I did fall out of love with running for a little while, but this year I picked it up again and joined the amazing Danson Runners – who are just the most phenomenal bunch of people ever – really found my tribe, they’re all such inspirations and running with them has increased my pace and how regularly I run further distances (plus we have the best socials!!!) Love that I am back into my running on a regular basis, it’s such a fab head clearer.


Signifies my total love of working out (and yes I do lift weights and no I don’t look like a bloke, well hopefully I don’t!).Β  I don’t just love strength training – I love HIIT Circuits too! There’s nothing better than a good sweaty workout to relieve some frustrations and stress.
It’s also my love of gym workouts that lead me on my current career path and I couldn’t be happier! Being able to help other people on their fitness journeys is an absolute joy. I am so lucky that I have a job that I am so passionate about – without meaning to sound cliche, it doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy it so much!


Representing my love of drawing and colouring. I wish I could find additional time to do more, but it’s always there if I need it. When I’ve had overwhelming times –Β  just being sat down with my colour pens/pencils and a colouring book is a great distraction.
Love to do some drawing too, and at the risk of sounding big-headed, if I put my mind to it I’m reasonably good.

Musical Notes

This highlights my love of music – both listening to it and also singing it!
When having a particularly trying day – there’s nothing quite putting on some music full blast and singing along at the top of your voice to release some of that emotion and tension.
The lyrics of particular songs can also play a big part because some you can really identify with and they speak for you when you don’t have the words yourself to do it.

The Book

Finally, the book – this has two meanings – one is that I totally adore being able to get lost in a good book – escaping reality for a while, and getting engrossed in the journey these characters are on is one of my greatest loves in life. The hardest part to cope with is when you start getting near the end, especially when it’s been a series of books. It can be so hard to let those characters go. Anyone else get the blues after finishing a good book?
The book is also representative of me – as all the icons, and colourful universe is flowing from its pages – basically depicting me and my story.

This beautiful tattoo was designed and created for me by the awesomely talented Manda from Jesters – I couldn’t recommend her more.

So do you have any tattoos? If so, what are the meanings behind them for you? πŸ™‚ xxx

Image courtesy of www.someecards.com

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