And That Makes Seven

Firstly, the number seven is symbolically a very powerful number – apparently it symbolises every positive and valuable matter in existence like a prosperous life, happiness, renewal and perfection and that couldn’t be more fitting for my seventh inking. To think after my first one I thought that was going to be my only one – hahaha – so silly!

So the inspiration for this beautiful piece is the awesome Stormlight Archive works by Brandon Sanderson – the fourth book is due out in November and I literally cannot wait. These books mean so much to me – and though it’s intimidating that it’s aiming to be a 10 part saga I am also so glad that it will be, something to enjoy and be invested in for years, and I hate when series end after three books as I get so invested in the characters and their story and feel bereft when it’s over, so least I don’t have that to worry about for quite some time with this amazing series!


So now I have my own Shardblade – it is a powerful weapon capable of slicing rock and severing souls. It has a soul connection and is connected to you for life unless willingly relinquished

Mine is based around fan art interpretations of Shardblades and my phenomenally talented tattoo artist’s Manda take on what I asked for. It is epic and I love it so much, the detailing is spectacular.

Sword tattoos also represent authority, strength and power. Metaphysically the sword also represents the penetrating strength of intellect – or strength of mind. Plus it looks bloody awesome!


Next I have the words of The First Ideal for the Knights Radiant – which are also known as the Immortal Words.

This ideal is shared by all the orders within the Knights Radiant and acts as motto and guide for all their actions and how they live their lives – but below are my feelings and what the words mean, and represent, for me (and why I have had them tattooed onto my skin as daily reminder).


You need to live each day, not with the fear that you’re going to die – but with joy and wonder that it could be your last day and you want to make it full of beautiful memories and make the most of that time.

Life is for living – that’s not to say that it’s easy, and that’s where the next part of the ideal comes in…


Yes, there can be physical strength, we can do that via exercise, lifting weights and building our muscles – but we also need to have mental strength.

When I talk about mental strength, I don’t mean you have to be on top of your game all the time, never feel down – always be happy, calm and confident – that isn’t even realistic, it seriously isn’t – we are human and life is full of ups and downs.

Strength can be admitting you’re struggling
Strength can be allowing yourself to cry because it all gets too much
Strength can be asking for help because you can’t do it all yourself

Strength is asking ‘how are you doing?’ And genuinely meaning it
Strength is listening when someone speaks to you about their struggles without trying to ‘fix’ them
Strength is being there for someone when no one else will

Strength is being there for yourself
Strength is learning to say ‘No!’ Or ‘Yes!’ Because it’s what you need, not because it appeases others
Strength is allowing yourself to have time off and rest properly

Strength is getting out of bed when it feels like the hardest thing to do
Strength is showing up day in and day out
Strength is continuing to live even when your brain tells you it wants to do anything but

Strength is so many things and so much more than you realise and you are way stronger than you know.

Weakness is someone who tell you ‘just get over it’
Weakness is someone who tells you ‘just think positive’
Weakness is someone who tells you ‘it could be worse’

Do not confuse hiding your feelings and pretending everything is fine, whilst falling apart inside as strength – reaching out and knowing you need help or alone time – knowing what you need and when you need it is your strength. You are strong – remember that.


For me life is all about the crazy and exciting journey – enjoying it, learning from it – and there may be destination points along the way, but they are just stop overs as you continue your own breathtaking journey – but during life there is no final destination, as humans we are always looking to learn, grow, develop and try new things, this keeps our brains happy.

Just remember journeys are never perfect, there are difficult times, rough terrain and bad weather, and every person’s journey is different (don’t get caught up in comparisonitis) – but there are also fantastic, memorable and amazing times and they happen to help get us through the more tumultuous times. Keep enjoying the process, the adventure – the journey.


I am an Edgedancer, that’s what my character traits denote that I am, this is why I have had the symbol of the Edgedancers included as part of this tattoo design.

The Edgedancers are one of the orders of the Knights Radiant, of which there are ten – they are the carers and healers – who focus on remembering and advocating for ordinary people. I like to think that this is what I do, in both my personal life and in my job as a personal trainer. I am definitely an advocate and speak out about mental health, including my own experiences, as I want people to know they are not alone no matter how lonely they feel.

If you want to find out which order of the Knights Radiant you are you can find the quiz here

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Have you had any inkings done recently? What do they mean to you? I would love to know


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