Janathon 2017 – Week 3 Round Up

So delayed in publishing this! Almost the end of the final week of Janathon! Oh well, here’s my week three synopsis!

Day 15

Really enjoying all the Alex Crockford workouts – they’re hard but a great start to the day – this is just a small snippet!

Step Count: 4,385 – pitiful!

Day 16

This was only my second PowerWave session, but I already love them.  I can see how they are going to improve my strength and overall fitness, which is fantastic! My instructor is so good, which makes them especially good.

Step Count: 19,089 – that’s more like it!

Day 17

Spider press ups – as if normal press ups aren’t tough enough! 😛

Step Count: 17,089

Day 18

This was the last workout from my Alex Crockford homefit 1 12 week plan – but all is good, I’ve already invested in homefit 2!!!

Step Count: 10,047

Day 19

I love that I attend one class a week and get to meet with other people, I have been attending these Boxercise sessions with Foxlee Fitness for over a year and still enjoy going and have made some great friends through them!

Step Count: 7,197

Day 20

Truly I should probably have two rest days a week, but at the moment I only have one and I feel my body is coping with this, and I use that day to have a wonderful stretch, and the stretch workouts from the Fitness Blender are perfect for this.  If I feel I am doing too much I’ll ensure I add another day in for rest, I listen to my body and at the moment I am feeling pretty great!

Step Count: 6,668

Day 21

This was unbelievably tough – it equated to 120 squat jumps, 90 burpees, 60 push ups and 30 sit ups – split into three separate sets.  It was so hard!  The Fitness Test for the first day of my Alex Crockford homefit2 12 week plan!

Step Count: 8,084

Total Step Count: 72,559 – pretty chuffed with my step count, just need to keep it going…

So what’s been your favourite workout? 🙂 xxx

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