Janathon 2017 – Week 4 Round Up

Wow – Final week of January 2017 and final week of Janathon! Is it me, or has January felt like an extraordinarily long month!?! Oops I forgot to press publish – haha!!! 😛

So as January doesn’t have only 28 days, the final week of Janathon is a smidge longer, so here’s my final round up for Janathon 2017!

I wasn’t feeling great this week – so some of this was so much harder than usual! But I got it done…

Day 22

Step Count: 4,667

Day 23

Step Count: 21,463 – That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Haha! Take that 10,000 steps a day target!

Day 24

Step Count: 21,149 – Woohoo, smashed it again!

Day 25

Step Count: 12,352

Day 26

My balance on the skaters was hilarious! Managed to grab the best few seconds!

Step Count: 13,985

Day 27

Step Count: 8,949

Day 28

It hurt so much – I had to get my children to cheer me on! 120 squat jumps, 90 burpees, 60 push ups and 30 sit ups – just epic!!! Still love my Alex Crockford homefit2 plan though!

Step Count: 7,257

Day 29

Some slow motion!

Step Count: 7,830

Day 30

Lots and lots of Planking – I sped up 1min 30secs of planking! hehee…

Step Count: 18,726

Day 31

Step Count: 13,301

Total Step Count: 129,679

Total Step Count for Janathon: 361,095

So, I have to say, I think this Janathon has been decidedly different to my first one! Haha! Hope you’ve enjoyed my summaries!

Will you be back for Juneathon 2017? I certainly hope to be… 🙂 xxx

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