2018 Best Nine

Firstly Happy New Year – Hope you had fun bringing in the new year! The Hubby and I saw the new year in watching Deadpool 2 and then the fireworks on TV! In bed by 12:20am! Rock ‘n’ roll!

So, like a lot of my blog posts, this started life as an Instagram caption but got rather lengthy so it graduated to being my first (unplanned) blog post of 2019! Woo!

I downloaded my Best Nine Instagram posts of 2018, ready for that to be my first Instagram post of 2019 (it’ll now be the second instead) wishing everyone Happy New Year but what struck me was that the posts that did the best were those that were open, honest, communication from me – either sharing a truth about me and my anxiety, celebrating a success or just showing gratitude!

Though I had many highlights from 2018 – I think these nine photos have been a great way for me to focus on a few of them and just show my utter appreciation and gratitude for everything I’ve gained from last year – be it physically or mentally! And also an opportunity for me to publicly say Thank You to those who have been there to support me, guide me, motivate me, just being there for me during 2018 – you know who you are (I hope) and I love and value you more than words can say! I just hope you felt that I was there for you too!

So here you go, a brief rundown of my nine best Instagram posts…

1. TRUTH – discussing my anxiety and that I’m an oversharing, fiercely loyal and intense friend, but remember I am always here for you! This post was so random for the number of likes, it obviously struck a chord with a lot of people – I usually get between 30/50 likes on a post, but this one just went crazy and is currently on 411 and I’m still getting likes on it! ☺️❤️ Now if someone could just tell me what I did and why it did so well, that would be great…
Posted: 2nd September 2018
Likes: 411 (And counting – why!?!)

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TRUTH These really struck a chord with me today, I’ve shared them in my Instagram stories, but it got me to thinking (dangerous I know!) and I felt both of these quotes needed more than a 24 hour share! Anyone who knows me, probably doesn’t consider me as quiet – but my outward persona belies my inner nature. I am a bubbly, chatty person who had been told “you don’t look like you have anxiety” (what am I meant to look like?), I am also most definitely an over sharer but not many people get to see the real true me, I save that for just a handful of people – because I worry what people think about me, but again that’s the anxiety – because if I’m brutal with myself people probably don’t spend that much time thinking about me!!! If I like you, and feel we’ve clicked – I can get a little overexcited and I know I can be quite intense, I want to chat to you all the time, I see things that make think of you – but please bear with me, I really do just appreciate you being there and I’m not trying to scare you! 🙈 If I am your friend please know I am fiercely loyal (occasionally to my own detriment, but I can’t seem to change that part of me and I don’t really want to) because if I care about you I care about you even if that feeling isn’t reciprocated in the same way and can lead me to feeling taken for granted – that’s just me, I’ve put myself out there and I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re ok! I’ll go through hell and high water for my friends – but know that I do worry that people just put up with me and don’t actually really like me, anxiety is illogical and can be crippling (and annoying). I just need to be kinder to myself – take a deep breath – and know that I am enough 😁❤️

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2. FLYING FEET WITH FITBIT – These were the photos provided for the Shoreditch 10k by Adidas City Runs – and this particular 10km has a lot meaning for me as I was invited by Fitbit to take part as part of their team, which was an amazing experience! It was also my first sub-hour 10km and I was gifted a Fitbit Ionic which I love! ❤️
Posted: 25th October 2018
Likes: 87 – a slight drop in like numbers from the first place post! Haha!

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FLYING FEET WITH FITBIT So a throwback to Sunday 14th Oct when I took part in the @adidas @cityrunsldn Shoreditch 10km courtesy of @fitbituk_ireland. Check out my latest blog post – link in bio to read all about it! 🏃🏻‍♀️❤️ I got to meet and connect with an amazing group of people – love how running can bring together so many different people and I wouldn’t be on this journey if hadn’t joined the awesome @dansonrunners earlier this year, best decision ever! 😁🧡 I had the most amazing time at the Shoreditch event and have never had so many photos of me with flying feet!!! Such a great perk of the event to get your photos included in the admission price! 😄👌🏻❤️ It was crazy the rain we had that day and then the following Sunday I was running in sunshine and 18 degree heat – hence the last photo!☀️ Did you do any of the @adidas @cityrunsldn – what did you think? 😁🏃🏻‍♀️🔥

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3. VITALITY LONDON 10000 – My first 10km as a Danson Runner and the reason I actually joined them, so I would start running more regularly – not only has joining them helped improve my running, pace and general enjoyment of running, I’ve also made life long friends! Feel such joy when I wear the DR orange! 🏃🏻‍♀️🧡
Posted: 28th May 2018
Likes: 82

4. BODY CONFIDENCE – where I finally wore a bikini on the beach, but more than that I was talking about body confidence and how we should all be proud of our bodies and celebrate them not berate them!
Posted: 7th August 2018
Likes: 81

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BODY CONFIDENCE These photos are all a little narcissistic for which I apologise, but today I braved it and confidently wore a bikini on the beach! This probably doesn’t seem like much to you, but I do have anxieties and insecurities about my body especially in the line of work I now do, I feel I should look ‘better’ – better how I have no clue but I still feel it! But then it dawned on me – this body of mine is incredible… It’s grown and given birth to two humans It’s nearly mid-30s 😱 and It lets me run It lets me do burpees It lets me squat It lets me lunge It lets me stay on my feet for many hours at a time (with minimal complaint) amongst many other amazing things that I probably take for granted My body is incredible – and though I won’t feel it all the time (yes I moan at times about having a tummy) I’m proud of this body of mine!!! Now to just get the colour of midriff to match my arms… 😜 Come on everyone – let’s love our bodies!!! ❤️👌🏻👍🏻

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5. SURPRISE SUB HOUR 10K – this was the Adidas City Run Shoreditch 10k and the reason it was a surprise sub hour 10k was right from the beginning of the run my calf/Achilles hurt really badly! Never had that before but it was so bad that at the 4km marker I actually had to stop and stretch so I was totally thrilled that even with this and the rest of the run being rather painful coming in at under an hour – 00:58:12. I had the time and date etched on a plaque and attached to the medal! You need to celebrate these little successes in life and give yourself that pat on the back!
Posted: 16th October 2018
Likes: 67

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SURPRISE SUB HOUR 10K So I know most of you already know this but on Sunday October 14th – I was very lucky to be able to participate in the @cityrunsldn Shoreditch 10k courtesy of @fitbituk_ireland. It was a decidedly soggy Sunday – with varying levels of torrential rain whilst we waited to run! But when we did start to run the rain stopped – but unfortunately my left Achilles started to get tight, I started really noticing it at the 2km mark. At the 4km marker with a number of expletives you wouldn’t expect from little old me 🤪 I actually had to stop and stretch out – I was so scared my Achilles was going to go ping! 😰 I did get a little tearful at this stage – never having had any issues with my Achilles before this really messed with my mind. But slowly I got back to walking and then picked up to what felt a relatively comfortable pace – though was very aware of the discomfort in my calf – so low and behold when I went over the finish line the last thing I expected was a PB and not just any PB my first sub hour 10km!!! 00:58:12 🎉 I was ecstatic!!! I am ecstatic!!! So much so I had a little plaque engraved and attached to my medal with my time as a reminder of what I managed to achieve even when it didn’t seem possible! Trying to be good now and rest my legs… now where’s the sign up page for the Fulham 10k…!? 😂😘

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6. TBT – So a Throwback Thursday post! This photo shows me in the same dress but how different (and healthier) I now look – thanks to a better diet and also exercise, developing muscle and looking fuller. I also discuss Ikigai – finding a job that is my passion, mission, vocation and profession and something I’m eternally grateful for every damn day!
Posted: 17th May 2018
Likes: 64

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TBT So here we have it ‘me’ now on the right and ‘me’ back in May 2013 on the left! Same dress, fitting rather differently, and I think better, now! This truly shows me what a positive difference working out and eating properly, with lots of variety and colour, has physically on the body! I know it's not a massive transformation but what jumps out at me personally is my arms, they're not huge now but they are considerably healthier looking than the photo five years ago. The 'me' five years ago hadn't even started her (I feel weird talking in the third person, but bear with me) fitness journey, to see where I've come in five years is just incredible to me – the fact that I am now helping others on their own fitness journeys shows me not one step of my path has been a waste. Everything has led to this! I still battle with my own mental health but the ‘me’ on the right, the ‘me’ that is now has so much more light and positivity in her life – I’m doing a job that is my passion, and asides from the ridiculously early mornings, I love every second of it and it certainly keeps me more balanced and dare I say it, it makes me happy! 😁👏🏻 It’s images like this that fully illustrate to me how fragile I used to look – when food was my enemy as it constantly triggered my IBS, but I so desperately wanted to eat. I had two very young children five years ago, I felt stretched, but now though I still have my tough days – I think I’ve found what the Japanese call ikigai because… I do something I love (passion) I do something the world needs (mission) I do something I’m good at (vocation) I can get paid for it (profession) And I’m so grateful for this every damn day! If you’re still on your journey, don’t despair, the roads may be winding and bumpy but it can happen and all that occurs along the way is just part of the story! I’m not saying my life is perfect, far from it, but it is enjoyable for the most part and something I will be ever thankful for! What's your story and what's your passion!? ❤️😘xxx

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7. TATT IT AGAIN – This photo makes me smile so much as does the tattoo itself! This is me literally wearing my heart on my sleeve! Love love love this tattoo designed for me by Hunnypiedeadtattoo – it’s just beautiful and the reason behind it all means everything to me! I love it so much I wrote a blog post about it – but quick synopsis – each little icon represents something I do to help me cope with my anxiety! Usually, I wait two years between tattoos – this was done only 4 months after my beloved Phoenix and already want more… Oops…
Posted: 22nd November 2018
Likes: 58

8. SHOREDITCH 10KM – seems to be a common theme amongst these photos and Shoreditch… Haha! Just showing my appreciation for being part of #TeamFitbit for the Adidas City Run even if it was a bit rainy!
Posted: 14th October 2018
Likes: 58

9. I JUST RAN – appreciating an unplanned run! Sometimes you just have to go out there and see where your legs take you!
Posted: 20th August 2018
Likes: 58

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I JUST RAN Yesterday I went for a run, no initial plan of where I was going to go or how far I would run and my amazing body let me cover over 10km. That’s my longest ever solo run that wasn’t part of an organised race! 👊🏻 It was such a good run – it was liberating. I don’t get that feeling very often with running – I usually have a love/hate relationship with running, I love to hate it! 😂 but yesterday was lovely. Exactly what I needed to reset my mind and just be, if you know what I mean. I really did run off the crazy! I also wore my old @sauconyuk trainers and my feet were a lot happier in them than in my @asicseurope for running a further distance! Think I’m going head to @runandbecome1 on Friday – a new pair of trainers is long overdue! I think I have to thank the @dansonrunners and their infectious enthusiasm for giving me my running mojo back – and I’m going to just enjoy while it lasts!!! Sometimes the best run is the one you didn’t plan! 😁🏃🏽‍♀️🧡

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So there you have it (if you’re still with me) a brief glance at some of the things that I did and learnt during 2018 – it was quite a year with lots of self-discovery! Here’s to a bigger and even better 2019…

Do you have anything that you’re particularly proud of or a learning moment from 2018 that you want to share? Let me know in the comments 🙂 xxx

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