2018 Best Nine

Firstly Happy New Year – Hope you had fun bringing in the new year! The Hubby and I saw the new year in watching Deadpool 2 and then the fireworks on TV! In bed by 12:20am! Rock ‘n’ roll!

So, like a lot of my blog posts, this started life as an Instagram caption but got rather lengthy so it graduated to being my first (unplanned) blog post of 2019! Woo!

I downloaded my Best Nine Instagram posts of 2018, ready for that to be my first Instagram post of 2019 (it’ll now be the second instead) wishing everyone Happy New Year but what struck me was that the posts that did the best were those that were open, honest, communication from me – either sharing a truth about me and my anxiety, celebrating a success or just showing gratitude!

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Christmas is coming…

Sample 1.jpg

So I’ve had an idea, just in time for this festive season (I hope), as you’ve seen from some of my previous posts I like take a photo now and then… OK, I love to take photos and occasionally, even if I do say so myself, I think they’re pretty good! Samples of my images are scattered throughout this post!

My favourite images I upload to a site called RedBubble, a place where fellow photographers (not just photographers, there’s poets, painters and other creative types there too) can share images, comment, like and follow each other! It’s a great place.

You can find my RedBubble images here!

Sample 2.jpg

It only dawned on me the other day though, that maybe I should try and advertise the fact that the majority of my images on this site are for sale in a variety of formats!

So if you’re looking to get someone something a little different for Christmas (or their birthday) or you have secret santa to buy for, look no further, RedBubble sells my images as;
Tote bags (3 sizes)
Travel mugs
Phone covers
Tablet covers
to name but a few! I assure you this is not an exhaustive list!

Shop is here! Though you can go via your favourite image too!

Sample 4

If an image you like doesn’t have the product you want please let me know (via comment or email) because some of my images were uploaded before some of the products became available so those options may not be there, but I can change it for you. The only images I do not sell are the ones of my children for obvious reasons!

Sample 3

Please, please, please (see I am not below begging!) come and take a look and share my site (I’m a stay at home mum, studying for a degree with the OU looking to make a little pocket money to pay for my kids after school activities (who knew a 3 year old and 6 year old could have so many!) – currently looking to set up my own data analysis business in the future, but in the mean time trying to utilise my already existing asset – why didn’t think of it before!?!)

Thank you in advance 🙂 xxx

John Lewis Photography Event – #FindYourSummer

So Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to find myself on the Roof Terrace of John Lewis on London’s Oxford Street – where it had fortunately stopped raining – taking part in their Photography Event – #FindYourSummer – where there were representatives from Canon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic (I’m a Nikon girl myself, a little sad that they weren’t there!).  I was there along with Helen of Hels Bels, got to meet the delightful Emily Leary from A Mummy Too, and also the very sweet Hannah from Hannah in the House – amongst others!

Views from the Terrace
Views from the Terrace

Being only my second proper blogger event, and being somewhat excited by photography (I love taking photos, I take a lot! As you’ll see from this previous post found Here) I was super stoked to be at this event.  There were some workshops to choose from and also lovely nibbles and food provided by Rossopomodoro.

Nibbles and Plan
Nibbles and Plan

Motion Picture
I went for the Motion Picture workshop and had a lot of fun hula hooping, jumping and generally being silly with Helen and Emily to show the capability of Panasonic’s 4K technology (taking 30 frames every second) – then being able to grab an 8MB JPEG still of any section of the video that you like! Christine was an fab representative from Panasonic – very open and easy to chat to.  Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop! Also got to go home with an 8GB memory card and holder! Result!

Still from the 4K video - Photographer - Emily Leary
Still from the 4K video – Photographer – Emily Leary

Gain Some Perspective
Workshop led by Barry from Canon – who gave a good talk about the Canon cameras – showing the touch screen feature, even being able to take the photo from touching the screen – and showing how you can get away from using the view finder enabling you to take photos from different angles and perspectives – especially on flat lays. Also discussed being able to link a Canon camera to your iPad or iPhone, which was rather cool.  Good fun and informative!

Taken with a Canon EOS 700D
Taken with a Canon EOS 700D
My Favourite images with the Canon EOS 700D
My Favourite images with the Canon EOS 700D

Olympus handed out a goody bag, the best bits were the re-useable bag itself, a mug and a 2GB USB key! Can never have enough storage!!!

Had so much fun – a very well organised event by John Lewis and would love to attend other events they put on!

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🙂 xxx