adidas City Runs – Shoreditch 10k

I was extremely lucky to have been invited to run the adidas City Runs Shoreditch 10k as part of #TeamFitbit and thoroughly looked forward to it.

In the end, I was exceptionally grateful that I could actually run because a couple of weeks before the event I took a nasty tumble whilst out running which resulted with me unable to run for nearly two weeks!!! That was no fun for anyone, haha! Fortunately, I healed quite quickly and the week before I managed to get in a couple of runs – a few being 10km and above. The enforced rest may have actually been a good thing, not that I like to admit that!

So, I had everything prepared for the run – remembering my headphones this time, as forgot them for my last 10k run event and it wasn’t good!

Previous Night Prep

So the 14th October dawned – grey and very soggy! Brilliant – got to love rain on a race day… sigh…

So traveled to Shoreditch nice and early – took shelter under the massive Adidas Runners tent, before then making our way over to the Fitbit stand – where we were all trying to shelter under their little gazebo from the rain – which wasn’t letting up!

adidas running
Middle image used with permission from

Whilst there saying to the team that I had my Fitbit Surge all charged up – and was asked why I was wearing the Surge, I should have been sent a new Fitbit. So I was kindly gifted a brand new Fitbit: Adidas Ionic – it’s so beautiful, but wouldn’t sync with my phone on the day – too many other gadgets around, so the only thing for it was to run with both watches on! Haha!

Where the Old meets the New…

Finally, it came time to make out way over to the start, it was while we were waiting to go the heavens truly opened and we were all trying to shelter under the tiniest umbrella and having discussions as to whether to run in our jackets.

Rainy Day

As we made our way to the actual start line the rain eased up so I decided to hand my little jacket over to one of the lovely people from Fitbit. I was so glad I did. We did a very short warm up and then we were off and at that exact point, the rain stopped.

FBS0507 1

Initially happily plodding along, but slowly becoming aware of a tightness in my left calf. Really noticing it at 2km – though at this point I was quite surprised I’d already run that far, hoping that I could just run it off. Unfortunately, it just seemed to be getting tighter and more painful, something I’d never have happened to me before.

Getting to the 4km marker and I had to stop and stretch it out, and also have a little bit of a cry and mumble numerous expletives as I’d been so looking forward to this run and I also knew what my brain would be like if I didn’t complete this run – with my poor friend with me trying to keep me calm. Slowly but surely I got back to walking for a bit and then built up to a jog and just kept myself aware of my calf – it was so frustrating as it was feeling like such a good run, but had to be so careful as I just didn’t want my Achilles to go ping!!!

Carefully kept running, enjoying the atmosphere and the fact the rain continued to hold off. Before I knew it we were at the 9km marker and at this point, I would just be grateful to complete the 10km.

FBS0244 1
Image courtesy of Fitbit

So we’re now coming up to the finish and I went for it, I sprinted that last 100m and I was over the line and straightaway a text beeped through I could not believe it, not only had I achieved a PB, I’d also obtained my first sub-hour 10k completing the run in 00:58:12 – I was beyond ecstatic! Also – I got flying feet photos!!! Woo!!! (see my Instagram for more Flying Feet photos)

Flying Feet –

I enjoyed the Clif bar handed to me once over the finish line and really love the medal. I would have liked to have wandered around after and had a free massage, but my Achilles was still really hurting and the rain started up again – so we headed home, after sampling some Clif Bloks – which were very yummy! I may be investing in some of those for my half marathon next year!

So all in all, asides from my dodgy calf (which I believe may have been viral as I subsequently came down with a cold/cough) and inclement weather it was an amazing event and one I would highly recommend. What is especially lovely is your event photos are included in the price which I think makes it extremely good value. So much so I seemed to have signed up for the Fulham 10k on the 18th November – how did that happen?

Super Happy, Incredulous, Face!!! πŸ˜€

Thank you so much to Fitbit for inviting me to be part of #TeamFitbit and for my new Fitbit: Adidas Ionic – best new toy ever!

Loved this event so much, and so surprised and proud of my first sub-hour 10k I had a plaque engraved and attached to my medal to commemorate it.


Did you run any of the Adidas City Run series? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚ xxx

Disclaimer: I was given a place in the Shoreditch 10k courtesy of Fitbit and gifted an Fitbit Adidas Ionic watch – all opinions are my own.

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