Juneathon 2016 – Week 4

Cannot believe that was the final week! The month of June has completely flown past – Hello July, oh and look more rain – it’s beyond crazy how quickly this year is going!

Day 22
Another amazing Fitness Blender workout, a core and kickboxing based session! Have some serious DOMS today!!! Lifting my arms aches!!!

Day 23
Had intended to go for a run but the rain was torrential so did a 27-minute fitness blender workout instead

And a good cool down

Then in the evening it was my beloved Boxercise! Certainly felt that in my thighs the next day! There was getting down to a lying position and then back up to standing without using our hands – this hurt. Β So I got my kids to do the same, wow they made it look so easy, they’re closer to the ground – that’s my defence and I am sticking to it!!! Haha!!!

Day 24
Today was a rest day so did a very relaxed Fitness Blender active stretch session

I also did some weight work with my 1.5kg Dumbbells!

Day 25
Decided it would be another rest day as I was feeling slightly tired and my thighs were feeling Thursday’s efforts!
So I did 10 squats, 10 sumo squats with aΒ kick, standing press-ups against the wall – 10 each side, 20 lunges (10 each leg), 30-second plank, 30-second left side plank, 4 backwards push-ups, 30-secondd right side plank and 4 sit ups.
I thought that’d be it, but later in the day I decided I’d go for a short run to try and loosen up my thighs – so went for a very soggy 24 min run covering 3.6km.

I got drenched!
I got drenched!

Later we all walked to the shops as a family and the kids got in some puddle jumping!!! πŸ˜€

Day 26
In the morning I did a fab Fitness Blender strength training session which focused on the upper body, which was good as my left thigh was still aching and I needed the extra recovery time! πŸ˜„


Day 27
Yet another amazing Fitness Blender workout – this one was so good and focused on the lower body, which has helped loosen my tight thigh even more, so it’s feeling more normal! Worked up a good sweat so I definitely deserved the yummy cooked breakfast I had at the Oval Cafe whilst have a wonderful catch up with a good friend!

Yummy and I earned it!!!
Yummy and I earned it!!!


Day 28
Had a really early start today so didn’t have time for my usual workout so I did a 10 minute Fitness Blender Abs workout!

Ready to talk to sixth formers!
Ready to talk to sixth formers!

The reason for the early start is that I went back to my old sixth form which I attended *mumbles* years ago! I was getting to talk to the sixth formers and to let them know if they haven’t decided on their careers/lives at the age of 18 it doesn’t matter. Β Life is full of changes and it’s ok if you decide or change in the future – you can even study again like I am with the Open University.

Day 29
Today I did the following FitnessBlender.com workouts


Three workouts may look impressive, but really it just totalled one comprehensive work out as the main one didn’t include a warm up/cool down.

I also did a shed load of housework, wiping, sweeping, emptying the dishwasher, numerous trips up and down the stairs with laundry – I’m sure that counts as a workout in its self!!! πŸ˜› xxx

Day 30
Decided to end Juneathon on a high – so did quite a few activities!
Another low impact Fitness Blender workout as I do have Boxercise this evening.
I really enjoyed this workout, but it shows me how bad my balance is – I definitely want to do this one again (and again) to keep helping improve that balance and also strengthen my left ankle again!

Then later in the afternoon, I played football with my Blue One, practicing his skills, trying to improve his listening so that he can progress as I know he has the potential and doing some tackling! Not sure 45 minutes of football just before my Boxercise class was the best idea, but it was good fun! Definitely need to invest in some shin pads for my own safety!!! Haha!!!

Then finishing with my one-hour Boxercise class – it was hard work but oh so very good, and always helps me vent my frustrations of the day, so helps my mental health as well as my physical health – what’s not to love!?!

Lots of yummy healthy food!

So that’s Juneathon 2016 over – how did you get on? I think exercise wise I did better than last year – loved every minute of it! πŸ™‚ xxx

One of my favourite things to see!


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