Art for Kids Hub

I was introduced to this amazing site by my friend and I think it’s too good not to share! I’ve told so many others about it already, I really felt it deserved a blog post!

My kids sitting quietly - read on to find out how and why!
My kids sitting quietly – read on to find out how and why!

If your kiddies (or you) are into drawing, then this is the site for you.  Run by Rob – a dad of four, he takes you through step by simple step to create amazing works of art.  The kids (and you) will never feel intimidated by his amazing artistic talent as he always has one of his children doing the drawing at the same time.
He is so enthusiastic and encouraging on the videos! My two small people absolutely love it (and so do I, possibly even more than they do!).  I’ve shared a few of the kid’s drawings with Art for Kids Hub on Twitter and Rob did actually respond, which is just so wonderful.  It’s great that they interact with their followers – love that!

I cannot believe the phenomenal drawings my two small people (who are only seven and four) have been able to do following along to the videos – they will sit there happily for 1-2 hours with or without me sitting with them doing the drawings.

You can find Art for Kids Hub in the following places…

Seriously, check it out, great for some peace and quiet, having some calm time with/for the kids, and also improving their concentration, spatial awareness, coordination and using a pencil/pen! To be honest, I’d even go on there and do some drawings when the kids aren’t even about, it’s very therapeutic and you come away feeling like you can actually draw! I cannot recommend it enough!

If you (or your kids) do any drawings, please share with me, I would love to see them. Don’t forget, if you can’t keep up you can always pause the video! 🙂 xxx

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