Juneathon 2016 – Week 4

Cannot believe that was the final week! The month of June has completely flown past – Hello July, oh and look more rain – it’s beyond crazy how quickly this year is going!

Day 22
Another amazing Fitness Blender workout, a core and kickboxing based session! Have some serious DOMS today!!! Lifting my arms aches!!!

Day 23
Had intended to go for a run but the rain was torrential so did a 27-minute fitness blender workout instead

And a good cool down

Then in the evening it was my beloved Boxercise! Certainly felt that in my thighs the next day! There was getting down to a lying position and then back up to standing without using our hands – this hurt.  So I got my kids to do the same, wow they made it look so easy, they’re closer to the ground – that’s my defence and I am sticking to it!!! Haha!!!

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Do it with a Friend…

…or in my case two friends, and for all you rude minded people I obviously mean go for a run!

This will only be a short blog, but I felt compelled to share this with you all, I’ve not been running since 13th September, for numerous reasons – mainly stomach issues, very annoying, and this evening I went for the first time since then and I was really apprehensive that my fitness and my ability to run would be gone after all that down time!

Instead, to my surprise, it was absolutely amazing and I feel so good having gone out there and done it. But what made this such a good run and made me feel so much better is I went with two good friends – who I am so thankful for, able to chat with them and we discussed things and before we knew it we’d done 5km! It was just fantastic, made my body feel good and really helped clear my mind!

So if you’ve not been running for a while, and like I was, worried about getting out there again – try and find a friend (or if you’re lucky like I was) two friends to come with you and get back out there! You’ll be so glad you did! 🙂 xxx