Juneathon 2016 – Week 2

Wow – half way already!?! Where is the time going?

So what exercise have I been up to this week?

Day 8
Day 3 of the Fitness Blender 5 day Strong and Lean challenge plus some additional weight work for my arms using my 1.5kg weights (20 bicep curls, 20 upright rows, 20 tricep kickbacks, 20 overhead shoulder presses and 15 bent over reverse fly) repeated 3 times!

Day 9
10 squats, 10 sumo squats and 10 jump squats.
Then my evening Boxercise session – which was brilliant as always! Jabs, hooks, uppers and kicks. Jumping jacks, pop squats and jump squats and then a Zumba arm dance routine and Zorba (spelling!?!) – fab session!!!

Day 10
Fitness Blender Day 4 of their 5 day of their Strong and Lean Challenge! An hour long workout! Numerous walks to and from my kids’ school as the Blue One had his first sports day!

Good step count though!
Good step count though!

Day 11
Day 5 of the Fitness Blender 5 day Strong and Lean Challenge. HIIT session and strength training – super sweaty!!!

A little bit sweaty!
A little bit sweaty!

Day 12
A pleasant, nearly 4.5km, early morning run with my friend – before the rain came! It was actually really mild and sunny at 7am!
This was two 5 minute runs and one 8 minute run interspersed with 3-minute walks

Day 13
An active rest day as I was feeling a little tired this morning, so listening to my body I did some gentle activities
10 squats, 10 squat kicks, 10 tricep dips and 5 squat jumps.
Then 20-second plank, 20-second right plank, 3 backwards push-ups, 20-second left plank and 3 sit ups (meant to be with straight legs, but really need to improve my abdominal muscles to do that! :-P)
Then a very gentle 3.33km walk – I was very lucky to get it in before more rain!!!

Gentle Walk
Gentle Walk

Day 14
So another Fitness Blender workout, level 4 this time, anyone else get to the point where you try and jump and your body goes “err, no, I don’t think so!!!”!?! – with a weights section to work on my arms using 1.5kg weights  (25 bicep curls, 25 upright rows, 25 tricep kickbacks, 25 overhead shoulder presses and 20 bent over reverse fly) repeated 3 times – I have increased each set by 5 reps since the last time I did it, bloody hell that made a difference and why am I still surprised that a weight workout makes me sweat?
Also an abs/core workout – 20 sec plank, 20 sec right side plank, 3 reverse push-ups, 20 sec left plank and 3 sit ups which I actually managed with my legs straight!

I could feel my enthusiasm ebbing occasionally this week – what do you do to jostle yourself back into activity!?! 🙂 xxx

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