Janathon Day 6 – Ouch!

Today was a walk, but quite a brisk and efficient walk and I’ve managed to cause a blister on the back of my right foot – hence the ouch!

I had an appointment at the hospital so used that as my goal for walking – pretty much the same route as my run yesterday, but just a smidge further! Weather had been quite rainy this morning so prepared myself for all weathers!

Oh look – is that the Buff again!?!


Walk there and home – completing 8km!


My hubby was still off work this week so I’ve utilised him being here to get quite a few kilometres in – next week might not be so active, but it may see the reintroduction of the Wii!

I think I’ve exhausted myself this week – feel completely drained this evening and rather achy!Β All this exercise can’t be good for me! haha!

Tomorrow will be a change from running or walking, all being well! 😊xxx

6 thoughts on “Janathon Day 6 – Ouch!

  1. go geraldine :-). I used to suffer blisters too on long walks and particularly playing lots of tennis. I heard that Roger federer wears two pairs of socks and never gets blisters so I tried it and I haven’t had one since. Even after 10 miles of walking or 10 sets of tennis.

    You have to loosen your shoes a little and experiment with which socks go underneath and which on top but through all weathers and all types of movement I never feel that pain any more.


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    • Thank you! 😊 making a concerted effort this first week of Janathon! I did actually have two pairs of socks on – I think it’s because of the boots I chose to wear as it was raining! They kept my feet nice and dry, but on a continuous walk just rubbed my heel!
      If the weather had been dry I would’ve worn my beloved running trainers as they’re so comfy! I live and learn eh!?! 😊xxx

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