Janathon Day 6 – Ouch!

Today was a walk, but quite a brisk and efficient walk and I’ve managed to cause a blister on the back of my right foot – hence the ouch!

I had an appointment at the hospital so used that as my goal for walking – pretty much the same route as my run yesterday, but just a smidge further! Weather had been quite rainy this morning so prepared myself for all weathers!

Oh look – is that the Buff again!?!


Walk there and home – completing 8km!


My hubby was still off work this week so I’ve utilised him being here to get quite a few kilometres in – next week might not be so active, but it may see the reintroduction of the Wii!

I think I’ve exhausted myself this week – feel completely drained this evening and rather achy! All this exercise can’t be good for me! haha!

Tomorrow will be a change from running or walking, all being well! 😊xxx

Early(ish) morning run

So Juneathon Day 6 – the plan had been to do the Danson Parkrun, but woke up with a grumpy tum (blooming IBS is really getting to me now – even on this low FODMAP diet it can still be triggered! argh!!!), and really didn’t feel like doing a timed run.  So text Helen, who I was going along with and asked if she minded if we did a more local run – which thankfully she was happy with too!

So 8.30am this morning, I walked over to hers, then we walked to warm up, going back through a beautiful park (see image below) and then went on a very gentle 3km run.

Beautiful park - sunshine, pond and ducks!
Beautiful park – sunshine, pond and ducks!

It was a very pleasant run in the cool morning sunshine – the beautiful weather always helps me to feel more upbeat!

Route and how we did!
Route and how we did!

Helen witnessed my 6 toe touches!

Obligatory after run selfie with the lovely Helen!
Obligatory after run selfie with the lovely Helen!

I then did a sprint for the 200m to home – always good to feel how quick I’d need to go to do 5.20min/km – don’t think I’d ever be able to keep it up for any extended period of time though!!! Haha!!!

Sprint to home!
Sprint to home!

Finally did my 6 sit and reaches and 6 sit ups/tummy crunches!

Hope everyone has a great Juneathon Day 6 and happy Saturday!

🙂 xxx

A Wii bit more exercise!

After day 5s civilised run I felt that on day 6 of Janathon I needed to get back to the indignity of filming myself doing exercise using the Wii – so boxing was the sport of choice (again)!!! My arms still ache after the fights with my sister, which can only mean that it must be good for you! Doesn’t it!?!

This time I had a few bouts against my husband. My apologies that the second video is out of focus – but I had to share it as I won!!!

Bouts three and four (which I didn’t record) showed my not very pleasant competitive self – I was getting rather grumpy when I wasn’t winning, shocking I know, especially as the youngest of four children I should be used to losing!!!

I also managed a 30 second plank – should’ve been 50 seconds but could feel discomfort in my lower back, so didn’t want to push it and do myself any damage!

Earlier in the day I also did a 1.43km walk – but having a memory like a sieve at times I completely forgot to stop the MapMyWalk app when I got home, so don’t know the true length of time it took me – so I’ll have to exclude that from my Janathon figures!!! Doh!!! 😜

Stay tuned, more Wii based exercise coming tomorrow for day 7!!! 😊xxx