I’ll keep this brief…

Woohoo!!! Remembered to do my toe touches, sit and reaches, sit ups/tummy crunches, of which there were 19 of each, this morning – as opposed to going ‘Oh pants’ and having to do them in the evening!!!

The Blue One had his jabs this morning, which I hate (the hubby has to come too, I can’t cope with them alone), but the Blue One was very brave, and you cannot underestimate the medicinal qualities of chocolate buttons – they calmed the Blue One down before we left the doctor’s surgery where we then treated him to a trip to the Smyth’s Toy Store to pick a toy for his bravery (which is the same thing we did with the Pink One when she had hers about 2 years ago!) – so there was quite a bit of walking around for that, which shows in todays step count!!!

Step count
Step count

When we got home after all that I felt absolutely exhausted – completely drained, think I’d been so anxious about the whole thing that my system just ground to a halt once they were done, I actually fell asleep on the sofa for about half an hour this afternoon, which is unlike me!

Therefore I didn’t do any major exercise – went for walk round to the Coop and back!

Short walk
Short walk

🙂 xxx

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