Janathon Day 19 – Running Improvement

Went for a run this evening as soon as the hubby got it in.

It was a bit brass monkeys to say the least but I managed 6km and was pretty chuffed as tonight’s 6km was pretty much two minutes faster than my last 6km on 9th January! I’ve shaved 20 seconds of my pace too! Hoping I can keep up this improvement…
GarminSplitsHopefully something different for tomorrow! 🙂 xxx

I’ll keep this brief…

Woohoo!!! Remembered to do my toe touches, sit and reaches, sit ups/tummy crunches, of which there were 19 of each, this morning – as opposed to going ‘Oh pants’ and having to do them in the evening!!!

The Blue One had his jabs this morning, which I hate (the hubby has to come too, I can’t cope with them alone), but the Blue One was very brave, and you cannot underestimate the medicinal qualities of chocolate buttons – they calmed the Blue One down before we left the doctor’s surgery where we then treated him to a trip to the Smyth’s Toy Store to pick a toy for his bravery (which is the same thing we did with the Pink One when she had hers about 2 years ago!) – so there was quite a bit of walking around for that, which shows in todays step count!!!

Step count
Step count

When we got home after all that I felt absolutely exhausted – completely drained, think I’d been so anxious about the whole thing that my system just ground to a halt once they were done, I actually fell asleep on the sofa for about half an hour this afternoon, which is unlike me!

Therefore I didn’t do any major exercise – went for walk round to the Coop and back!

Short walk
Short walk

🙂 xxx