Today involved a trolley dash…

So today was a pretty reasonable day for Juneathon Day 18 – I remember this morning to do my 18 toe touches, sit and reaches, and sit ups/tummy crunches – so much easier earlier in the day, though saying that I can definitely feel them more with the increased number! Will I make it to 30 of each!?!

I also actually donned my running gear and went for a brisk short run – only 1.61km – but my pace was 6:30min/km – which after a week and bit off running due to my dodgy foot, I didn’t think was too bad! Plus I couldn’t go out for too long as today was an OU study day! My Garmin wasn’t playing ball, wouldn’t find my location – so very grateful for MapMyRun! I felt pretty good after – I think I might plan a short run each week and see if I can increase my pace… I will keep you posted!

Additional exercise came in the form of the weekly Big Shop – usually I do this on a Friday morning but my poor Blue One has got his jabs tomorrow – I hate when my little ones have to have jabs, stab me with a needle – that’s fine, but leave my little ones alone, I deal with it so badly my hubby as to come too – which is ironic as he hate’s needles and injections himself! Will then treat the Blue One to a new toy… sorry I digressed!

Proper run - with my running gear on and everything!!!
Proper run – with my running gear on and everything!!!

The Big Shop was more fun this week as I had company in the form of Helen! Yay! So here you can see the photographic (and video) evidence of our exercise…

I am demonstrating the potato reach and Helen is beautifully demonstrating the trolley lunge
Here I am doing the heavy bag lift, turn and put in the boot
Here I am doing the heavy bag lift, turn and put in the boot

Check out the Trolley Dash!!!

Must organise myself and get this all logged on Running Free Online… I did exactly what I promised myself I wouldn’t do and have let it build up! Urgh!!! Oh well at least the important bit – the actual exercise – is done!


🙂 xxx

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