Janathon Day 19 – Running Improvement

Went for a run this evening as soon as the hubby got it in.

It was a bit brass monkeys to say the least but I managed 6km and was pretty chuffed as tonight’s 6km was pretty much two minutes faster than my last 6km on 9th January! I’ve shaved 20 seconds of my pace too! Hoping I can keep up this improvement…
GarminSplitsHopefully something different for tomorrow! 🙂 xxx

4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 19 – Running Improvement

    • I do use a Garmin – but managed to mislay it for a few days. I also use MapMyWalk app on my iPhone – I like it because it logs your actually route too and I’ve got it constantly running in the background so it counts my steps each day – obviously not 100% accurate as I don’t always have my phone on me, but it gives a good idea! Thanks for reading my blog 😄x


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