Not much really

Usually I do intervals on a Tuesday but my running buddy Helen is away this week, so I had planned a run for my Juneathon Day 9 offering, but being anxious about my little boys high temperature, gave me a grumbly tum which resulted in me not eating much yesterday evening which in turn meant I felt like I didn’t have much energy to go for a run – it’s a vicious cycle!!! But enough about what I didn’t do and on to what I did do!

Well my Blue One still had an extremely high temperature today (spiked to 39.7 during the night) so I managed to get him an afternoon doctors appointment. Today was an OU study day for me, so the Blue One was with his nanny and grandad D, so come his appointment time I walked to the doctors (with a detour into the Coop) to meet them.  Then the Blue One went back with them so mummy could do some more work! So my effort was two very short walks! Yay me!!!

Walk to the doctors with a stop in the Coop
Walk to the doctors with a stop in the Coop
Walk back from the doctors
Walk back from the doctors

I did also do nine toe touches, nine sit and reaches and nine tummy crunches/sit ups!

My Blue One now has antibiotics and following his reaction to the one dose he had this evening I have three work outs ready for me tomorrow!!! Haha!!! Wish me luck (praying some chocolate button bribery will work!!!)

Think tomorrow’s exercise level might not even be as high as today’s – shhh, don’t tell but I think I’ve got a sore throat!!! 😔not good…

Well, back to watching Transformers Rescue Bots with my awake poorly Blue One!



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