It seemed like a good idea!

So for Juneathon Day 10, I still have a poorly little boy, so not much major exercise went on.  When he had a few minutes where he was feeling a little bit more energetic we managed to go out in the garden and play a little bat and ball.

Bat and Ball!
Bat and Ball!

Then when the Blue One got a bit tired and we came in, I for some unknown reason decided it’d be a great idea to sort out all the kids toys!?! Why!?! I have no idea…

How did this all fit in the drawers?
How did this all fit in the drawers?
How will I get it all back in?
How will I get it all back in?

I’m sure the amount of toys they have grow when you take them out of the drawers! Eventually though I did get it all tidy again…

Ahhh, that's better!
Ahhh, that’s better!

That was definitely a good 3 hour work out!!! There was also wrestling the first dose (of three) of antibiotics into the stubborn three year old boy – the second two doses he was a very good boy!

Finally – I did 10 toe touches, 10 sit and reaches and 10 sit ups/tummy crunches.

🙂 xxx

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