Janathon Day 9 – Lovely Day

Today was just a really lovely day, despite the rainy weather, for a number of reasons;

It started with taking the Blue One to a taster session of Saturday football that his coach (Coach Alex of AW Football Coaching) invited him to. The Blue One has been doing football sessions since he was about two with Coach Alex, who he adores, starting at a toddlers session at North Cray Children’s Centre – he now attends an improvers session at Falconwood and does another session at Sidcup Youth Centre.

At this session, the Blue One and three or four other ‘little’ boys his age got to see what exciting things they have in store for when they get bigger and they got to play with the ‘big’ boys – who are all of about 4 and 5, but when you’re still only 3 that’s quite a difference!

My Blue One had a fab time and was totally in his element, not nervous or intimidated at all, and he ran around for a full hour! Good going when you’ve only got little legs and it was raining! He chatted to me about it non-stop after he loved it so much, but he now thinks he’s going to be playing football 3 times a week!!! I on the other hand now realise I am a ‘soccer mum’ – oh dear! Must remember not to keep calling out… haha!

What the Blue One loved about football today

The boy and I then popped into the Card Factory after, and if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you may already know this, but the nicest thing happened, whilst queuing to pay for our purchases the Blue One was chatting to me about the Spider-Man balloon he liked and maybe he could have it for his birthday, he was then chatting with the lady behind us in the queue. Just as we finished paying the lady asked if we could wait 5 minutes, and then said to the Boy “the lady in the shop has a surprise for you as you’re such a good helper to your mummy, happy new year” and then she was gone and she’d bought him the Spider-Man balloon – I was overwhelmed and speechless! Bought tears to my eyes, such kindness and I don’t even know her name – but Thank You, she made my boys (and my) day! The kindness of a stranger has definitely restored my faith in humanity!!!

Very pleased with his kind gift!

So on that high we headed home, where the hubby had sorted out the front room as we’ve hired a RugDoctor to clean our carpet, so we did that for the afternoon and then we were all confined to the kitchen and conservatory as the carpet has to dry – which it is doing, slowly!


It was at this time I decided to go for my run! So this is my actual Janathon activity for day 9.  I managed a 6km run!
Route and distanceI was pretty chuffed with that, because at the 2km mark I thought I may have to stop and walk home as my ankles were really hurting, but I plodded on and it did ease, it’s annoying as the rest of my legs felt strong and my breathing was good and for once my brain wasn’t telling me I couldn’t do it – so I am proud that I kept going.
TimesMy legs, which were still feeling achy and a bit stiff after my Boxercise class, now actually feel much looser and better after my run which is great – and I made sure I stretched properly after my run, especially my ankles.

Leg Stretch
My Pink One demonstrating perfect leg stretches – how straight is that leg!? She also rather likes mummy’s Buff!
Some sinister after run selfies! 

On a little side note, I also got an email telling me one of my Redbubble images had been sold as a greetings card – I made all of 15p – but someone bought one of my images, it’s so exciting, I am very happy! Here’s a link to the image and a link to my previous post about my Redbubble.

All in all a really lovely day! 🙂 xxx

Not much really

Usually I do intervals on a Tuesday but my running buddy Helen is away this week, so I had planned a run for my Juneathon Day 9 offering, but being anxious about my little boys high temperature, gave me a grumbly tum which resulted in me not eating much yesterday evening which in turn meant I felt like I didn’t have much energy to go for a run – it’s a vicious cycle!!! But enough about what I didn’t do and on to what I did do!

Well my Blue One still had an extremely high temperature today (spiked to 39.7 during the night) so I managed to get him an afternoon doctors appointment. Today was an OU study day for me, so the Blue One was with his nanny and grandad D, so come his appointment time I walked to the doctors (with a detour into the Coop) to meet them.  Then the Blue One went back with them so mummy could do some more work! So my effort was two very short walks! Yay me!!!

Walk to the doctors with a stop in the Coop
Walk to the doctors with a stop in the Coop
Walk back from the doctors
Walk back from the doctors

I did also do nine toe touches, nine sit and reaches and nine tummy crunches/sit ups!

My Blue One now has antibiotics and following his reaction to the one dose he had this evening I have three work outs ready for me tomorrow!!! Haha!!! Wish me luck (praying some chocolate button bribery will work!!!)

Think tomorrow’s exercise level might not even be as high as today’s – shhh, don’t tell but I think I’ve got a sore throat!!! 😔not good…

Well, back to watching Transformers Rescue Bots with my awake poorly Blue One!



Gentle jog – but it all counts!

So after a rather stressful day stuck in doors with the blue one who is suffering from the chicken pox (so grateful to the two friends who visited who kept me from completely losing it) I managed to get out for a run with Deputy Helen! Yay!!! I managed to do some decent exercise for Janathon Day 9!

Awwwww, bless him...
Awwwww, bless him…

It was a rather gentle jog as I was wearing far too many layers for what was an unusually mild evening in January! 14 degrees Celsius – what was that all about!?!

A run of...
A run of…
...of two halves!!!
…two halves!!!

absolutely shattered!!!


Janathon Tally
Running Mileage: 13.11km/5.62 miles
Total Running Time: 01:37:50
Star Jumps: 10
Running on the Spot: count of 20
Push ups: 3
Zumba Calypso warm up: 1
Zumba Salsa Beginners: 1
Boxing: 01:05:00
Total Number of planks: 3
Total time planking: 1mins 40secsc
Wii Fit: 01:04:00

Fun: 7/10

Total Janathon Time: 04:04:18