Be Careful What You Say

Anxiety is always there.
It doesn’t solely define who you are,
but it will always be a part of who you are.
You learn to cope.
You learn to deal with it.
You realise you are not alone.
You connect with people.
You smile.
You laugh.
You exercise.
You eat well.
You feel happy.
You feel joy.
You suddenly start to believe you won’t feel like THAT again.
Life seems so much better.

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Janathon Day 26 – Feeling under the weather!

Today is the hubby’s birthday! He had the day off from work, so as a treat, once the small people had been dropped off at school and nursery, we walked to the local café and both had an extremely yummy cooked breakfast – it was so good!

Mmmm, Breakfast and The Birthday Boy!
Mmmm, Breakfast and The Birthday Boy!


Today is usually a running day for me, I really enjoy my 6km runs, but I’ve not been feeling the greatest the last day or two, feel like I’m coming down with a cold, so instead the hubby and I went for a very nice stroll together after our breakfast – it was rather windy but the rain hadn’t started yet!

Had a slight technology mishap – MapMyWalk showed that we’d walked 1.16km in 34 seconds and as the crow flies, now I know we have a brisk pace, but I assure we are not super human!!! haha!!!

Technology Fail!!!

I checked on another map and worked out we covered approximately 2.8km and did it in about 30 minutes. It was a very pleasant walk – really did miss my run though, but the way I’m feeling it wouldn’t have gone too well!

Hope I’m on the mend soon – liking all the exercise, but it’s so much harder to do when feeling all tired and achy – and probably not a good idea to do either!

What makes you feel better when you’re under the weather!? 🙂 xxx

Janathon Day 8 -Taking it Easy!

After putting a lot of effort into all my activities for Janathon Week 1, I thought it best to have a slight rest day and let my muscles have some respite and after my fab Boxercise class yesterday I was very aware of my muscles, even ones I didn’t know I had!!!

So there was a gentle walk with the hubby to collect the Blue One from nursery, then with the Blue One and hubby we walked to the Oval so I could collect my watches from the repair shop and then a meander back home, all at Blue One pace.
ActivityExcept for the one bit of weight lifting where I had to carry the Blue One – oh how my arm muscles protested!!! haha!!!
WeightliftingBack home I did 5 squats with a Blue One lift and then 5 straight squats.

I also did 10 tricep dips – which we’d covered in the Boxercise class, but I forgot to mention in my post, I really could feel all the muscles I worked yesterday! Ouch! But well worth the pain!

Super cute, my Blue One wanted to try some tricep dips too! Awww!

Finally, there was the Morrisons big shop, which with two kids in tow is definitely a work out in itself! My brain has been worked today too doing some Open University maths work! But I did get to eat some chips – hopefully deserved after the weeks activities!
MorrisonsTired now and could do with a full body massage… 😛 xxx

Minimum Requirements

Another busy day and still feeling exhausted from all the running around yesterday my Juneathon Day 21 contribution is 21 toe touches, 21 sit and reaches and 21 sit ups/tummy crunches! This was such a laugh when I started with one of each – now the laugh is on me!!! Haha!!! 😜

In other news that may amuse – my Pink One is doing very well at her gymnastics (and the teacher also said she was a nice little girl too!) – so my mum and dad treated her to a leotard and leggings and mummy and daddy got her a second leotard.

My little gymnast (and good girlie)!
My little gymnast (and good girlie)!

So today when she put one on the Blue One had to join in didn’t he!?! Haha!!! I probably shouldn’t share, poor boy, but just couldn’t resist…

Ones to have printed out for his eighteenth!!! Mwah ha ha...
Ones to have printed out for his eighteenth!!! Mwah ha ha…
My Pink One - Gymnast and the Blue One looking like a ballet dancer! Look at that face!!!
My Pink One – Gymnast and the Blue One looking like a ballet dancer! Look at that face and those socks!!!
Gymnastics poses!
Gymnastics poses!

And now back to Juneathon… My step count was pretty pants today as well! I will try and do better!


🙂 xxx

Sooooo tired

Specific exercise for Juneathon Day 20 was  20 toe touches, 20 sit and reaches, 20 sit ups/tummy crunches!


In the role of auntie/mummy I want over to my sister’s for a celebratory mass marking my niece’s first holy communion which started at 10am – so a lovely early start for a Saturday morning.
Then to my niece’s school, where they had a party – I stared longingly at the cupcakes (stupid IBS – with it’s wheat/dairy intolerances).
Then back to my sister’s – where I helped her for a bit, kneaded some modelling chocolate icing.
After which I drove home – ate some lunch – gathered some bits as the Pink One had a party to attend, and they were currently round nanny and granddad D’s with their daddy.  So I headed to nanny and granddad D’s house.
From there, we went to the kid’s auntie’s house, where, with the help of nanny and granddad D, released some fish into the pond.
This point I took the Pink One, and we stopped off on the high street – went to the Card Factory (no prizes for guessing why!) and then a quick visit to the dance shop where I got the Pink One her very first leotard for gymnastics – she was thrilled!
Back into the car and drive to the party the Pink One was attending at a local soft play.  When that finished, I decided to drive over to my mum and dad’s, nanny and granddad P’s so we could drop off his Father’s Day Card.  The Pink One thought this was great, and modelled her new leotards for them.
Then a drive back to nanny and granddad D’s to collect the Hubby and the Blue One, and have some dinner.  Finally home where the Blue One sat in his new big boy car seat for the ride home for the first time!!!

Car seat king!
Car seat king!

I am completely exhausted, so now it’s time to take my tired body to bed!!!

Could just about see straight to write this…
Good night all!!!

🙂 xxx

Not much really

Usually I do intervals on a Tuesday but my running buddy Helen is away this week, so I had planned a run for my Juneathon Day 9 offering, but being anxious about my little boys high temperature, gave me a grumbly tum which resulted in me not eating much yesterday evening which in turn meant I felt like I didn’t have much energy to go for a run – it’s a vicious cycle!!! But enough about what I didn’t do and on to what I did do!

Well my Blue One still had an extremely high temperature today (spiked to 39.7 during the night) so I managed to get him an afternoon doctors appointment. Today was an OU study day for me, so the Blue One was with his nanny and grandad D, so come his appointment time I walked to the doctors (with a detour into the Coop) to meet them.  Then the Blue One went back with them so mummy could do some more work! So my effort was two very short walks! Yay me!!!

Walk to the doctors with a stop in the Coop
Walk to the doctors with a stop in the Coop
Walk back from the doctors
Walk back from the doctors

I did also do nine toe touches, nine sit and reaches and nine tummy crunches/sit ups!

My Blue One now has antibiotics and following his reaction to the one dose he had this evening I have three work outs ready for me tomorrow!!! Haha!!! Wish me luck (praying some chocolate button bribery will work!!!)

Think tomorrow’s exercise level might not even be as high as today’s – shhh, don’t tell but I think I’ve got a sore throat!!! 😔not good…

Well, back to watching Transformers Rescue Bots with my awake poorly Blue One!