Janathon Day 1 – it starts with a double!

A double Parkrun that is!

After a fairly gentle night in for our New Years celebrations (my hubby and I are hard core, comfy clothes on, sat on the sofa watching a film!), I’d agreed to go with Helen to Greenwich Parkrun followed by Bexley Parkrun. All these running ideas always seem great when you’re planning them – but then the morning dawns and you suddenly realise that you have to go through with it!!! ūüėõ

So on the 1st January 2016 I left the house, to have to come back in to grab some bits to defrost my car! Not had to clear frost in ages…
It was really cold, but I collected Helen, and soon it was 9am and we were in Avery Hill Park and after the briefing we were off. It was cold and slippery, I ran the first two laps with numb toes and taking it carefully on the mud, but I was happy to complete my 5km in a time of 00:34:48 Рwhich is faster than my Parkrun on the 1st Jan 2015. Though towards the end my ankles were hurting, which made me think I would probably have to walk my next Parkrun.

Finishing Greenwich
Finishing my Greenwich Parkrun – Photos courtesy of Helen

Greenwich Parkrun
Then we were back in the car (heating on full to warm up) and on to Danson Park for our second Parkrun.¬† We were there a little early, so stayed in the warm of the car and munched a few jelly babies – Helen had the last green one, I was disappointed, I wasn’t…honest… ūüėõ And¬†I didn’t throw mud at her, well not intentionally!

Then we got out of the car and made our way to the start of the course, as we walked past the lake, I very helpfully told Helen that water is at it’s most dense at 4 degrees Celsius (information¬†from my dad)¬† – if she wins a quiz with that answer you know where she learnt it from!!!

After a quick briefing we were off again.  There was a lot of people at this Parkrun (a lot doing the double) and so there was a bit of a bottle neck and it was slow going over the first kilometre, but my ankles felt ok which was a relief.

I kept with Helen most of the way, but there was bit towards the end when she was able to go ahead and I got slowed down by a little girl on her scooter! I was beginning to feel a little disheartened, but then¬†I saw a robin, and there’s just something about a robin,¬†makes me feel someone is watching over me and gave me the ability to go on and get to the end in 00:35:11 – which¬†I was rather chuffed with after already doing one 5km!
Bexley Parkrun



So, it was done! 10km! I feel a real sense of accomplishment! Not bad for the first day of the year and the first day of Janathon!

After dropping Helen off, it was home for a very wonderful hot shower there’s nothing more amazing after running¬†– no photos for that, so here’s a screenshot of my step count for the day!!!
Happy New Year to you all!
Not sure rest of Janathon will be as energetic, but we’ll see… until tomorrow! ūüôā x

Early(ish) morning run

So Juneathon Day 6 – the plan had been to do the Danson Parkrun, but woke up with a grumpy tum (blooming IBS is really getting to me now – even on this low FODMAP diet it can still be triggered! argh!!!), and really didn’t feel like doing a¬†timed run.¬† So text Helen, who I was going along with and asked if she minded if we did a more local run – which thankfully she was happy with too!

So 8.30am this morning, I walked over to hers, then we walked to warm up, going back through a beautiful park (see image below) and then went on a very gentle 3km run.

Beautiful park - sunshine, pond and ducks!
Beautiful park – sunshine, pond and ducks!

It was a very pleasant run in the cool morning sunshine – the beautiful weather always helps me to feel more upbeat!

Route and how we did!
Route and how we did!

Helen witnessed my 6 toe touches!

Obligatory after run selfie with the lovely Helen!
Obligatory after run selfie with the lovely Helen!

I then did a sprint for the 200m to home – always good to feel how quick I’d need to go to do 5.20min/km – don’t think I’d ever be able to keep it up for any extended period of time though!!! Haha!!!

Sprint to home!
Sprint to home!

Finally did my 6 sit and reaches and 6 sit ups/tummy crunches!

Hope everyone has a great Juneathon Day 6 and happy Saturday!

ūüôā xxx

Run in the sun

Mad dogs and English (wo)men go out in the midday sun!!!

Well – that was me today with a run –¬† but¬†juggling time with¬†kids, a hubby and studies – sometimes you’ve just got to go for that run when you have the time, especially for Juneathon Day 4!

I’ll say now, it actually turned out to be a good run, but¬†I will have a bit of a grumble – again my legs today were so tight and heavy and I did make sure I warmed up and stretched out before I ran, so starting find this a bit annoying.

Then whilst I ran my phone rang – it was the hubby, so answered and walked while I talked.¬† Helped a little to loosen my legs.¬† Then I came across some tree surgeons so ran passed quickly so I didn’t get hit by any bits of falling branches, but something managed to¬†fly in my eye so had to stop to remove it from my eye and stretched my calves out again.¬† Thought I’d have a drink of my water – didn’t open my sports lid properly and it managed to pinch my lip – ow! Then a fly flew my eye! Pollen seemed quite high too!!!¬†¬†Enough grumbling now –¬†I then did manage to run quite well, considering it was quite hot, and made¬†it home in one piece!!!

My route and music!
My route and music!
Garmin - time, distance and splits!
Garmin – time, distance and splits!

Also managed four toe touches, four sit and reaches and four tummy crunches/sit ups!

ūüôā xxx

Lead legs!

So for day two of Juneathon, I met up with the lovely Helen of helbels.org.uk for some interval runs this early evening.¬† We took a gentle stroll to Avery Hill Park and then had a gentle jog to warm up.¬† We’re running along and my legs felt so tight, completely like lead (hence the clever title of this blog post!) so we stopped for a moment to stretch out.

We then gently jogged to where we usually do out interval runs, though both admitted that we weren’t really feeling it this evening – a real lack of enthusiasm.¬† Though after a day of studying, it was nice just to get out as it was pleasantly warm though very windy!

We thought we would time how quickly we could run 100m and then we’ll see at the end of Juneathon, by timing ourselves again, whether we have managed to increase our speed.

So for the beginning of Juneathon 100m – 19.5 seconds (will this improve?)

Day 2

We had a slow jog back, then showed how in to Juneathon we are, we climbed a rope ladder on a climbing frame – I’m a complete wuss and¬†with a total aversion to heights, so one rung height was enough for me!

Conquering my fear of heights (NOT!)
Conquering my fear of heights (NOT!)

Then I did a speedy run home – it’s great to feel how quickly I should go to do 5:52 mins a km – if only I could keep¬†it up for a kilometre!!!

Fast run home...
Fast run home…

Also, don’t forget my two toe¬†touches that I tweeted this morning!!!

ūüôā xxx

Then let us begin…

So it’s the first day of June and is therefore the first day of Juneathon!!!¬† I have decided to participate, as I enjoyed taking part in Janathon.¬† Didn’t know what I was going to do today, after not feeling great during my Eltham Park 5 mile run yesterday.

I then decided¬†I would attempt a run with my two small people, my Pink One is 5 years old and my Blue One is only 3 years old.¬† They’ve always wanted to go for a run with mummy – so after collecting the Pink One from school, we came home and got ready to go.¬† I didn’t know what I would be letting myself in for, this could’ve gone hideously wrong!

They actually did very well.¬† I had planned a mile, which the Pink One would’ve coped with no problem, but was probably a bit optimistic for my Blue One bless him! We did short bursts of ‘running’ and the odd walk, at one point I had to carry the Blue One but couldn’t managed that for too long!

After run selfie with the small people!
After run selfie with the small people!
The time we took! Not bad with two little ones!
The time we took! Not bad with two little ones!
The route we took!
The route we took!

Don’t forget I also got up this morning and touched my toes as well – which I tweeted this morning!

All in all not a bad start to Juneathon – how long will it last!?!

Happy Juneathon everyone!

ūüôā xxx

Did they find Jo’s trousers?

So¬†on Tuesday 19th May¬†I got to attend a very exciting media launch in London’s beautiful Hyde Park, courtesy of Helen of HelBels who managed to get me invited along for which I cannot thank her enough!!! I also got to meet the lovely Adele – find a link to her blog here

Hyde Park, Helen and Adele
Hyde Park, Helen and Adele

The media launch was for the Run It campaign by Join In.  It was the first time I have ever attended an event of this kind and I was super excited, probably a bit over excited to be honest!

Courtesy of Join In. https://www.joininuk.org/run-it/
Courtesy of Join In. https://www.joininuk.org/run-it/

So what is Join In? I hear you cry, well I will tell you (even if you didn’t actually cry out or haven’t clicked on the very helpful hyperlinks above! ;-))¬† Join In¬†are a charity whose¬†mission is to encourage people to volunteer and help support their local sporting groups.¬†¬†It is¬†a London 2012 legacy charity (thank you very much the Olympic games :-))¬†which is funded by government grant and their official partners BT and Intersport.

The Run It campaign, to put it simply, is¬†to get more people volunteering specifically in the area of running! Be it for informal running groups (e.g. Parkrun), athletics teams or marathons.¬† None of these events would be able to take place if it weren’t for people volunteering to help out – in whatever capacity that they are able to – marshalling, coaching, painting the club house, making sandwiches, taking subs… literally, the possibilities for volunteering are endless and make such a huge difference!!!

Who is this half person?
Who is this half person?

This was an amazing first event to attend, even though I personally have nothing to compare it to, I felt it was a very friendly, sociable and inclusive group.¬† It was fun and informative.¬† After initially arriving and milling around meeting people and saying “hello”, receiving our very lovely purple Join In t-shirts, there was an introductory few words from Join In’s Director of Sport and former 5km world record holder David Moorcroft.¬† He brought across just how important volunteering is and one sentence which really sticks in my head is “If you love running, help others run”

David Moorcroft - "If you love running, help others run"
David Moorcroft – “If you love running, help others run”

Supporters of the campaign, who were in attendance, were 10,000m 2014 European Championships Gold medal winner Jo Pavey (a massive inspiration to me!) and second fastest British female runner over a marathon Mara Yamauchi Рboth again highlighted just how important it is to have volunteers in the sport, without volunteers neither of the them would have had the amazing sporting careers and achievements that they do!

 Jo Pavey is supporting 'Run It' a campaign from charity Join In to put more volunteers into grassroots running. For more information visit joininuk.org/run-it

Jo Pavey is supporting ‘Run It’ a campaign from charity Join In to put more volunteers into grassroots running. For more information visit joininuk.org/run-it

After the initial chat, we couldn’t go to a running based media launch without actually doing any running could we?¬† So we ventured outside, where fortunately for us the weather held out!¬†Here I got to do the¬†most exciting thing which was take a photo of Mara Yamauchi and Jo Pavey together, for Mara on her camera!!!¬†I hope it was in focus!!!¬†Slightly overawed!

So our warm up was led by Carlos from Intersport – this *ahem* gentle warm up¬† was quite intense for the likes of me your amateur jogger, but was good fun! Then we headed off on a 5km run around Hyde Park – I kept at the back with Helen and¬†a few others and the ’35 minute pace setter’.¬† There was a couple of people marshalling (see – good examples of¬†volunteering!) but somehow Helen and I managed to get a bit lost and we’re positive we did about 5.5km – but hey ho whatever I WON!!! No – not like that, I was never gong to beat the likes of Jo Pavey was I? – What I did win was a fun little competition.¬†We had to guess how long it would take us to run the 5km, I said 00:34:30 and it took me 00:33:57 – so only 33 seconds out and the¬†closest¬†guess! Go me!!! So I won the bragging rights there – I know how slow… I mean how¬†fast I am!!!¬†ūüėõ

Helen and I after our 5.5km... :-P
Helen and I after our 5.5km… ūüėõ

Afterwards I got to chat with David Moorcroft, who is lovely and friendly, and I¬†mentioned my interest in running – and volunteering –¬†and it’s ability to help those of us with mental health issues.¬† He introduced me to Will – who discussed with me Hidden Diamonds – Uncovering the True Value of Sport Volunteers.¬† It is quite overwhelming the difference that volunteering can make – not only to a community but to individual people. In some cases it can be literally life changing!

Volunteering Boosts Happiness and Wellbeing
Volunteering Boosts Happiness and Wellbeing

Right at the end we did get a few minutes to say “Hi” to Jo and we quickly discussed kids and running, but her taxi had arrived and she needed to go, but she was kind enough to have a photo taken with me.

Jo Pavey and me (looking slightly overexcited)
Jo Pavey and me (looking slightly overexcited)

All in all – it was a brilliant event and I am so pleased that Helen was able to take me along.¬† It’s definitely made me consider volunteering¬†again soon¬†– at the moment my aim is to volunteer at Parkrun each time I complete 10 runs – I’ve currently run 16 so only 4 more and time to volunteer again.¬† The whole thing is brilliant, as volunteering inspires people to run and vice versa, this leads on to making friends and becoming part of a network of people and the running community.

Now before I sign off, you may be wondering about the posts title, well as we were getting ready to¬†leave Jo was asking the event organisers if they’d seen her black trousers – as like most of us she’d layered up and worn other trousers over her running ones as it was quite chilly, so one of the last things I heard before I left was “has anyone found Jo’s trousers?” and indeed I still don’t know… ūüėõ

There are currently 4,000 opportunities to volunteer on the Join In website Рgo look now Рwatch the video Рbe inspired!!!

Summary of contact details for Join In and their Run it campaign

Website Join In – https://www.joininuk.org/
Website Run It – https://www.joininuk.org/run-it/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/joininuk
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/joininuk
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/JoinInUK
Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/joininuk/

Also, if you’re looking to setup a club Join In can help with that too! Check out Club Hub!

Thank you for reading – please like, comment and share this post – it’s so important to keep getting the message out there! Let’s get more people volunteering! ūüôā xxx

Some images courtesy of https://www.joininuk.org and the rest are my own

Fallen out of love

Recently I’ve been caught up in remembering how to study, dealing with my kids, my low FODMAP diet getting to me, life just generally catching up with me and feeling quite run down…

I have lost my running mojo and it’s ages since I’ve worn these beautiful trainers…


Did consider taking some berroca but it contains things I should avoid on my low FODMAP diet! Blooming typical!!!

Anyone else gone through a running low? What did you do to pick yourself up and get running again?

Any suggestions gratefully received and much wanted!!!

Thank you in advance!


To run or not run…

So this morning I thought for my Janathon Day 20 I’d go for a run in the evening when my husband got in from work but as the day wore on and it got darker and colder and I got more tired my conviction to go diminished to the point where when my husband did get in from work I pretty much wasn’t going and thought I’ll just do some activity on the Wii!



My hubby kindly just said “Go for a run!” – which is the best thing he could’ve done because I did! It wasn’t long but it was nice and refreshing! I’m glad I went! It feels good!


Today I did it for the first time…

That is I ran my first timed 10km race (and my first solid – with the teeniest bit of walking – 10km ever to be honest!)

What an amazing experience I had! This will be the pinnacle of my Janathon efforts. It took place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (QEOP) which initially made me feel disconcerted as when I’d registered it was meant to have been at Hyde Park – but obviously had a venue change!

Firstly I have to thank Deputy Helen and Jo for their unwavering support as I was feeling exceptionally nervous and not at all confident in my abilities and they told me I’d do great! They themselves did superb efforts Helen getting a course PB – see Helen’s Blog,¬†and Jo got a 10km race PB – check out Jo’s Blog

Amazingly supportive friends - Post Race
Amazingly supportive friends – Post Race

So the day started nice and early, leaving the house at 6.30am, with a 2.34km walk to the station, a good warm up, where I met up with Helen – what should’ve been a straight forward journey of a train to Lewisham and then the DLR to Stratford, ended up being a case of DLR musical chairs with a change at Canary Wharf and then the next train terminated at Bow Church and we had to get a bus the final part of the journey but finally we were at the venue with plenty of time to¬†spare and were able to¬†pick up our packs and go and get a hot beverage!

View from the DLR
View from the DLR


Attached my race number with my Event Clips – check out my friend’s blog where he reviewed various methods of attaching your race¬†bibs! I love my Event Clips – so thanks to Graham for that blog!

Having now met up with Jo we headed back to where the race was starting to do our bag drop with all our unnecessary clothing – fortunately we weren’t waiting in the cold for too long before it all started – took us by surprise to be honest as there was no noise or starting pistol just suddenly the people in front of us started moving quicker!

I made sure I ignored all those around me and didn’t get caught up in the initial rush of the race starting and completely out pacing myself, I kept pretty much at the back and took this very gently as¬† I really had no clue what I was facing, what I was doing or how I would cope. For the first time in ages I listened to music whilst I was running which was pleasant – though I couldn’t find my usual headphones so had my apple ones which did occasionally annoy me by falling out of¬†my ears and by the third lap my hands were so numb I could barely feel to put them back in, but this was just a minor thing!

Managed to do the first lap with no walking, second lap I was still managing to keep my breathing even but the course was quite undulating with¬†numerous inclines, so I gave myself permission to walk for a short amount of time up one of these inclines and then started running again. I think I did one more short walk on lap¬†two but can’t remember where exactly. At the start of Lap 3 I still felt relatively good, though was saying the odd mantra of “I can do this” and “one lap to go” etc, so anyone near me I apologise if I seemed like a mumbling mad women!!!

On the third lap I decided to walk in the same place as I had on the second and when I started running again I knew I couldn’t do anymore walks otherwise I wouldn’t get running again as my glutes were suddenly feeling very tight.¬† This final lap felt tougher, to me it seemed the wind picked up and it felt colder and though my legs felt reasonable my arms were aching! I kept plodding on, my mood picked up when I heard the Baywatch theme tune on my playlist (Thank you hubby).

Suddenly the end was in sight, it was near and yet so far, people were now starting to speed up and go past me as we were¬†nearing the finish, but I kept with my slow and steady pace¬†as I wanted to hold on to the last of my energy for that final burst on the home straight and that is exactly what I managed to do. Coming down the last straight a lady I had managed to overtake slightly earlier I could hear coming up behind me and starting to go past me when I heard the marshal on his megaphone “I want a sprint finish ladies” and I knew I still had some reserve energy and sprint is exactly what¬† I did and suddenly I was over the finish line and I had done it¬†– I couldn’t stand up straight, I was shaking – but I had completed my first 10km!!! Whoop! Whoop!

How to celebrate? Go and have some cake and hot beverages with my two lovely friends! Obviously it was the only thing to do!!!

Time to eat cake...Mmmmm!!!
Time to eat cake…Mmmmm!!!


I completed my first 10km timed race in what I think is a respectable 01:10:38 and I am pretty chuffed with that! Some room for improvement so I better sign up for my next one, think that’ll be the Bupa London 10km in May… now where’s that website

Post Race Selfie!!!
Post Race Selfie!!!


All a bit civilised

Well today there was no uncoordinated steps whilst trying to follow Zumba on the Wii or embarrassing bum wiggles whilst trying to box instead for Janathon Day 5 I went for a very grown up civilised run.

I went with my lovely friend Kay, who is currently training to be a personal trainer, and we had a good chitchat as we went on our gentle ladylike run.

We managed 3.95km in about 30 minutes, so not too bad, and feels a good effort for day 5!

A very civilised run

I also managed a 40 second plank – so all in all a good day!

Though I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear some Wii based exercise is probably on the cards for day 6’s efforts!!!


Janathon Tally
Running Mileage: 9.05km/5.62 miles
Total Running Time: 01:07:32
Star Jumps: 10
Running on the Spot: count of 20
Push ups: 3
Zumba Calypso warm up: 1
Zumba Salsa Beginners: 1
Boxing: 35 mins
Total Number of planks: 2
Total time planking: 1mins 10secs
Fun: 10/10

Total Janathon Time: 01:59:30