Lead legs!

So for day two of Juneathon, I met up with the lovely Helen of helbels.org.uk for some interval runs this early evening.  We took a gentle stroll to Avery Hill Park and then had a gentle jog to warm up.  We’re running along and my legs felt so tight, completely like lead (hence the clever title of this blog post!) so we stopped for a moment to stretch out.

We then gently jogged to where we usually do out interval runs, though both admitted that we weren’t really feeling it this evening – a real lack of enthusiasm.  Though after a day of studying, it was nice just to get out as it was pleasantly warm though very windy!

We thought we would time how quickly we could run 100m and then we’ll see at the end of Juneathon, by timing ourselves again, whether we have managed to increase our speed.

So for the beginning of Juneathon 100m – 19.5 seconds (will this improve?)

Day 2

We had a slow jog back, then showed how in to Juneathon we are, we climbed a rope ladder on a climbing frame – I’m a complete wuss and with a total aversion to heights, so one rung height was enough for me!

Conquering my fear of heights (NOT!)
Conquering my fear of heights (NOT!)

Then I did a speedy run home – it’s great to feel how quickly I should go to do 5:52 mins a km – if only I could keep it up for a kilometre!!!

Fast run home...
Fast run home…

Also, don’t forget my two toe touches that I tweeted this morning!!!

🙂 xxx

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