Fallen out of love

Recently I’ve been caught up in remembering how to study, dealing with my kids, my low FODMAP diet getting to me, life just generally catching up with me and feeling quite run down…

I have lost my running mojo and it’s ages since I’ve worn these beautiful trainers…

Did consider taking some berroca but it contains things I should avoid on my low FODMAP diet! Blooming typical!!!

Anyone else gone through a running low? What did you do to pick yourself up and get running again?

Any suggestions gratefully received and much wanted!!!

Thank you in advance!


One thought on “Fallen out of love

  1. What is it you love about running? When times get hard I find it really helps to get back to what you love. I play tennis for that reason, it is a space just for me that I don’t think about anything else. It also happens to keep me fit.

    Running, I think, was your way of keeping fit, so do you need a way to get back to running or a way to keep fit that works with your life as it now is?

    There is always dancing, playing with your kids. You’d be surprised but I get tiny amounts of HIIT in when I play around with my son, just because I can and he makes it easy. It’s a way of being active without sweating while I still get stuff done.

    Just an idea HTH


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