Ducking Boxercise!

By this I mean we did lots of ducking and diving, not that I tried to get out of it! As if I would, my Boxercise is my weekly sanity lifeline – this is one of things that really helps with my anxiety! Multiple benefits of exercise, not being able to think of anything else and possibly the fun of getting to hit things!!! A good stress reliever!

Kitted Out - Making it look glam! ;-P
Kitted Out – Making it look glam! ;-P

So for the warm up, there were slow jabs to one side, then fast jabs, then repeated on the other side. Skipping, skipping from one side to the other. A skip back, then skip forward touch the ground – this needed coordination which I seem to be slightly lacking in! High legs jogging on the spot and various other things – whew, we were well and truly warmed up!

First section we were in our pairs, padded and gloved up.  The person in the gloves had to duck and weave as the person in the pads was swiping.  We started in southpaw, so the first lean was to the right and the person swiping started with their left arm.  We did this for a count of eight and then it was high legs and arms for a count of eight – repeated five times.  Then we changed to the orthodox stance and repeated the whole routine.  Then swap over gloves and pads – and did it again southpaw and then orthodox.

Swapping back pads and gloves, the next routine was in southpaw stance two jabs starting with the right hand, one hook and then two ducks as the person with the pad did two swipes. We carried this on for a minute and then had to repeat it in orthodox stance, starting with our left hand. Then swap over and repeat the whole routine again!

Gloves PadsAfter this it was time to put the gloves and pads away and on to a HIIT session – or as I like to affectionately call it an Oh sHIIT session!!! 😛

First workout consisted of:
10 x squat jumps
10 x mountain climbers
10 x lunge jumps (repeated for each leg)
10 x jump, jump, jump, hop, hop
This was repeated three times – I was suffering by the third set, some of the jumping stopped!!! haha!

Next workout consisted off mat work with a ball:
10 x Lying on our back, legs straight up in the air with our ankles crossed and holding the ball reach up to the feet engaging those stomach muscles
10 x feet jump in and out, with hands on the floor and bottoms down
10 x ankles crossed and lifted off the mat, leaning back to make a V-shape, again making sure those stomach muscles are in engaged, holding the ball and lifting it across from one side of you to the other
10 x roll downs to a plank position and then back up
This was also repeated three times – I could feel my stomach muscles burning!

Lastly we did:
10 x feet off the mat, in a V-shape – either with your hands flat on the floor behind you fingers towards your bottom, or holding the ball in front of you, drawing your hands and legs in and back out – keeping your feet off the floor – this was tough on the old balance and those core muscles! We did this three times… ouch!!! 😛

Finally it was time to cool down, we did a lot of lovely stretches using the ball. As always it was an awesome session – feeling great after – and certainly feeling the work on my stomach muscles today! If you want to join us having fun getting fit, check out our instructor’s, Michelle Fox, Facebook page – Foxlee Fitness – you won’t regret it!

I need to keep the hard work – what are your favourite toning exercise? 🙂 xxx

Slowing improving - think there is even some definition in my arms...
Slowly improving – think there is even some definition in my arms… Excuse the state of my hair – can’t for my hair to be cut!


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