Spring into Joe Browns

So very excitingly the other day the Joe Browns Spring catalogue appeared on my door mat! This is always a pleasant sight as you know that I have a love for all things Joe Browns. So obviously I thought the best thing to do would be to share a wish list with my lovely readers of all my favourite items… ok that would be the whole catalogue …so I’ve whittled it down to a more restrained list! Also doing this makes me feel cheerful – Joe Browns clothes never fail to put a smile on my face.  Let’s hope my family see this (and are feeling generous… ;-P)

Taormina Jacket (£74.95)
Taormina Jacket

Loving all the detailing on this gorgeous jacket – this would totally dress up a lovely pair of skinny jeans and a plain top.  Great for mild spring days, that are a bit nippy first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Can imagine wearing this for a shopping trip or at lunch with the girls, but would be equally at home for an evening at the pub! (not that I get to do that often – instead this would be showcased on the school run!)

Caroline’s Favourite Cardigan (£34.95)
Caroline's Favourite Cardigan

Just a gorgeous colour blue and I just really love the buttons – just a little step away from your ‘usual’ cardie! I can imagine wearing this during a evening walk by the sea (though with two kids and not enough hours in the day this will currently be remaining a dream! haha!)
This would also go extremely well with the Embroidered Capri Pants below…

Embroidered Capri Pants (£29.95)
Embroidered Capri PantsThese take me back to my youth – I knew I should’ve kept hold of my peddle pushers and eventually they would come back into fashion – though they weren’t as fab looking as these Capri Pants!  The embroidery detail by the pocket is just beautiful and gives you a lovely colour palette to choose a top to go with them. These would be extremely practical to wear when running after two small people, being able to bend down/sit on the floor and still be decent (which gets awkward with skirts) and totally effortless.

Tropical Dress with Shrug (£44.95)
Tropical Dress with Shrug

With the attached shrug, I think this would be great to wear for evening walk on those cooler nights. The colours and pattern of the dress are just wonderful, though I’m not sure whether the length of it may be slightly too long for my personal taste.

Cosy Cable Cardigan (£34.95)
Cosy Cable CardiganThis would be fabulous, just so comfy and cosy (so aptly named). Could be wore with a nice cami (as shown in the image) or with a long sleeve t-shirt when the weather is feeling a bit cooler. Could be used throughout the year that way! Got to love a multiple use item – plus those buttons are awesome!

Stunning Tropical Satchel (£27.95)
Stunning Tropical SatchelI personally believe that a girl can never have too many bags! This would be a much welcome addition to my collection, such a wonderful bright and stunning pattern.  Looks like a great everyday bag and really cheer up your day! Plus my current handbags magnet has broken, so I could actually do with a new bag…

Macaws Perfect T-Shirt (£24.95)
Macaws Perfect T-ShirtThe parrots on this top are amazing, absolutely beautiful statement piece.  One you could dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Terrific Tribal Top (£24.95)

LT626AI really want this top – it’s just so different! Would be great with some skinny jeans, a nice pair of shorts or a skirt.  Though I could also imagine this under the Festival Fun Dungarees too.  Super versatile I would think – this top just makes me smile! I love it! 🙂

Beautiful Butterfly Top (£24.95)
Beautiful Butterfly TopSuch a simply gorgeous top! I have a penchant for butterflies anyway (I have two tattooed on my thigh representing my two small people) and the colours, patterns and sequins of this butterfly make me very happy! I am a bit of a magpie, so anything sparkly usually catches my eye! The back of this top is also lovely, it is lace and quite transparent. Personally I think a nice bright bra which matches a colour in the butterfly would look awesome, but if you’re less of an extrovert then a black or flesh colour bra would serve just as well.
I think this top would look lovely with the pink Capri Pants below and make a gorgeous (and comfortable) outfit, but would also look great with that wardrobe staple – skinny trousers!

Capri Pants (£24.95)
Capri Pants MultiOut of these, my personal favourite is the pink pair, just a fantastic strong colour! The others are great too and I think that any of them would make a great versatile addition to my wardrobe!  They’d go with so many tops and practical when running around after kids, though maybe not the white ones in this case, where white with kids about is just asking for trouble! 😛

Individuals Top (£39.95)
Individuals TopThis top is just so different and the colours are striking. Also, it is British springtime so there will still be the odd chilly day, so a nice bright long sleeve top like this would go down very well!

Floral Printed Jumper (£34.95)
Floral Printed JumperI don’t normally wear things with a lot of while in them – just a bad idea with two small children, would not stay white for very long, but this jumper really caught my eye with it’s unusual, but almost watercolour painting, style pattern – such gorgeous colours.

Mix It Up Jersey Tunic (£29.95)
Mix It Up Jersey TunicI have a few of Joe’s tunic tops and would dearly love to add this one to my growing collection – I love the pattern of the skirt and that it’s reflected on one of the sleeves. Also the I really like the red asymmetric trim, it ties the whole top together.

Pura Vida Drop Waist Dress (£39.95)
Pura Vida Drop DressI love both these dresses, they look so comfortable and easy to wear.  Something you could just throw on of a morning and be ready to go in no time wearing something that’d make you feel fabulous.  I particularly like the drop waist, which shows more on the totally multi-coloured one.

Long Island Raffia Sandals (£29.95)
Long Island Raffia Sandals

These look a lot of fun with the gorgeous flower details, so beautifully summery. Easy to wear, but like all Joe Browns items, a statement piece.  I particular like these as I don’t like flip-flops or sandals with the thongy bit between your toes, so I think this style is just perfect!

Roxy’s Dress (£34.95)
Roxys DressI really love this dress with it’s unique ruffle style skirt, but do wonder if the length would be decent on me!?! :-O Would definitely have to bend down in a ladylike manner in this one! haha! Or layer it with some leggings!

Marvellous Mosaic Cardigan (£34.95)
Marvellous Mosaic CardiganAnother lovely light cardigan, that is just slightly unusual – looks so comfy! Such a great colour – would need to make sure I had a nail varnish to match!!! If not, I could always match one to the buttons…

Ultimate Longline Cardigan (£69.95)
Ultimate Longline Cardigan 4 Ultimate Longline Cardigan 3 Ultimate Longline Cardigan

I got to try this wonderful cardigan on when I visited to the lovely Joe Browns HQ at the back end of last year! I am in love with it, I really really want it (but don’t actually need it).  It would be a fabulous gap filler where you don’t need a heavy winter coat but still need an extra layer when going out (as long as it’s not raining – see below for the solution to that scenario!) it is so comfortable and cosy, like a wearable hug! I seriously do need this in my life… now to persuade the hubby! 😀

Floral Raincoat (£49.95)

Well this is the British spring/summer time we are talking about, so there will most definitely be rainy days! I think this fabulously floral raincoat would make those rainy days seem a little bit brighter and happier! Might even actually make me want to go out in the rain, just to wear it – which my small people always enjoy, they do love jumping in puddles! Gorgeous!

New Mexico Sandals (£27.95)
New Mexico SandalsI just think these are so pretty and would make any outfit look good! Again, no silly thing going between your toes, which makes a big thumbs up from me!!!

Papagayo Denim Skirt (£34.95)
Papagayo Denim SkirtThis would make a good wardrobe staple – I love the offset zip and buttons and all the intricate details of the writing and patterned material.  I need a good denim skirt as currently don’t have one – I would happily give this one a home!!!

Festival Fun Dungarees (£34.95)
Festival Fun DungareeThese caught my eye, I think they look really fun and would be very practical but I do wonder if… shhhh… I’m too old to be wearing dungarees!?! I’d still give them a go though! Haha!

Oriental Jumpsuit (£44.95)
Oriental JumpsuitThis is just simply stunning! I adore a good jumpsuit, and without trying to sound narcissistic – I look pretty good in them.  My only concern with this beautiful creation is that the length of the leg would be too short for me! Boohoo! Joe Browns – you need to do a tall range please!!!

If you do want to add some Joes to your wardrobe, please go through my site as I have an affiliate link with them and I would be eternally grateful!

Thoroughly enjoyed putting this list together and it is completely my own opinions, this is not a sponsored post. Images have been used with permission of Joe Browns.
What’s your favourite piece?  Hope you have enjoyed this post – please feel free to share, like and comment! 🙂 xxx 

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    • Thank you! Joe Browns current theme is colourful – so you’ve got that right! 🌈
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and comment, it’s much appreciated! Glad you like it!!! 😄xxx


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