Janathon Day 12 – Off and running

Today was the usual type of morning, which is get the small people to school and nursery and then I come home and study. Then it’s back to collect the Blue One from nursery and then home. Today was lovely as my mum and dad visited, so they came with me to get the Blue One with me which he loved.

Later in the afternoon it was another football session with Coach Alex for the Blue One (he’s active for Janathon too), I love the fact my kids are rather active and love all their sports sessions.

On the way home, we picked the Pink One up from my friend who kindly collected her from school for me. My mum and dad were still at mine, so I sorted the kid’s dinners and was then able to get out early for my run. I managed a pretty steady 6km for Janathon day 12!

Check out that neon yellow - making sure I could be seen!
Check out that neon yellow – making sure I could be seen!

I was pretty chuffed though to see that each of my last 3km was a smidge faster each kilometre than the previous, not by much, but quicker nonetheless. Certainly ached and could feel it when I get in, but well worth it.
ActivityWhat to do tomorrow? 🙂 xxx

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