Janathon Day 11 – Busy Day!

I have two small people – running around after them must be exercise!?!

Today is my busy day with them – I drop them off at school and nursery, then it’s normally home to study – but today I had to include a quick trip to Morrisons to return the RugDoctor, then back home, did a bit of OU maths study. From there I had to go and collect the Blue One from Nursery, get him home, fed and changed (well he can do that bit himself and insists on doing it) and then back out for his football session.
Return home, then not long after we’re back out to get the Pink One from school – give both her and the Blue One a snack, then it’s out for swimming lessons. Once we’re back home – time to make dinner, then relax with the small people, read books and then take them up to bed… whew…

The Blue One showing his football skills!

Whilst the kids’ pizzas were cooking I did manage to do 2 minutes of skipping, which along with the above, is my contribution for Janathon Day 11!

Excitingly today, I also used my new spiralizer, which I got for Christmas, for the first time today! It was so cool, easy to use (and clean) and I made zucchini (I know, I know, we call them courgettes, but zucchini sounds so much nicer) noodles, and I did them in a passata sauce with ham – it was yummy! I can’t believe I actually ate a whole courgette – I don’t even like courgettes, but like this you couldn’t tell that they were veg! Hopefully this could be the way forward…

Cheerio until tomorrow! 🙂 xxx


2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 11 – Busy Day!

  1. I really like the look of your spiralizer! We’ve got one of those hand-held ones which is good, but that one looks like it is much less likely to take a chunk out of your finger..! I’m also a courgette noodle fan, as they’re a great low carb alternative to pasta and soooo quick!

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    • I was chuffed with it – my brother got it for me for Christmas at my request and picked a good one – it’s got nice storage slots for the additional blades, doesn’t take up too much room on the counter and is easy to take a part – and most importantly it can go in the dishwasher!!!
      Loved the courgette noodles – will definitely be doing them regularly – healthy fast food! Now to just get my kids to like them… Haha!!!😂
      Thank you for reading my post! 😊xxx

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