Decathlon Scavenger Hunt

I was invited along to do a Scavenger Hunt by Decathlon at their Surrey Quays store – and of course, I jumped at the chance, who wouldn’t want to do a treasure hunt? (I am just a big kid really!)

I travelled there with the lovely Helen on a very pleasant evening, where we were greeted by Bella at the Decathlon offices and got to briefly chat and mingle with the other bloggers before being sorted into our teams. I made up a third of the green team with the lovely Sabine and delightful Bethan.

Me, the lovely Sabine and the delightful Bethan

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Janathon Day 30 – Parenting took Priority!

Today I was meant to be going for a 5km run with other members of the UK Fitness Bloggers Facebook group who were participants of the virtual 5km. I was meant to travel with the lovely Helen, who had organised this event with the equally delightful Mollie, getting to The Running Works for around 9.30am. Unfortunately for me and the hubby, at 1.30am our poor little Pink One was sick! This put paid to my plans!

I’ve had a bad week with my anxiety, so this wasn’t particularly great timing, I know no one likes anyone throwing up, but I am emetophobic, I am really not good with this! Kindly my hubby dealt with the poorly throwing up child and I dealt with the Blue One who had woken up strolling into our room saying his sister had a ‘Big cough’.

So pretty much a sleepless night all round (except the Blue One) who cuddled up and slept on me, literally, all night.

Come the morning, the hubby stayed with the Pink One, whilst I took the Blue One to his new footie session – which initially seemed like it wasn’t going to go so well – he was being all nervous and kept saying he wanted to sit with me and didn’t want to play, but fortunately he came around and listened to Coach Alex and thoroughly enjoyed his hour of football!

Big Thumbs up for his footie session!


From there the Blue One and I did the Morrison’s Big Shop – which is exercise in itself I assure you, lugging 6 pint bottles of milk around is heavy lifting!

We then came home, I helped the hubby put the shopping away. He then took the Blue One to a birthday party – the little social boy! I stayed with the Pink One, who even though she had a high temperature was pretty perky. She played with her Play-Doh (from this you can gage how sorry I felt for her, she had meant to be going with her uncles, granddad and cousin to the Cosmonaut Exhibition at the Science Museum, she would have so loved it, fortunately we hadn’t told her she was going. So I let her play with the Play-Doh, I can’t stand Play-Doh, it messes with my head!) whilst I got on with some OU study.

Looking beautiful even though she’s poorly and had no sleep!


When the Hubby returned with the Blue One, I asked if he minded whether I went for a walk, which he didn’t, because he is the kindest Hubby ever! So I went for a good solid 5km walk in the fresh evening air, and it felt so good.
ActivitySo there we have it, my penultimate day of Janathon! Not quite what I had planned, but a full and busy day none the less! 🙂 xxx

Today involved a trolley dash…

So today was a pretty reasonable day for Juneathon Day 18 – I remember this morning to do my 18 toe touches, sit and reaches, and sit ups/tummy crunches – so much easier earlier in the day, though saying that I can definitely feel them more with the increased number! Will I make it to 30 of each!?!

I also actually donned my running gear and went for a brisk short run – only 1.61km – but my pace was 6:30min/km – which after a week and bit off running due to my dodgy foot, I didn’t think was too bad! Plus I couldn’t go out for too long as today was an OU study day! My Garmin wasn’t playing ball, wouldn’t find my location – so very grateful for MapMyRun! I felt pretty good after – I think I might plan a short run each week and see if I can increase my pace… I will keep you posted!

Additional exercise came in the form of the weekly Big Shop – usually I do this on a Friday morning but my poor Blue One has got his jabs tomorrow – I hate when my little ones have to have jabs, stab me with a needle – that’s fine, but leave my little ones alone, I deal with it so badly my hubby as to come too – which is ironic as he hate’s needles and injections himself! Will then treat the Blue One to a new toy… sorry I digressed!

Proper run - with my running gear on and everything!!!
Proper run – with my running gear on and everything!!!

The Big Shop was more fun this week as I had company in the form of Helen! Yay! So here you can see the photographic (and video) evidence of our exercise…

I am demonstrating the potato reach and Helen is beautifully demonstrating the trolley lunge
Here I am doing the heavy bag lift, turn and put in the boot
Here I am doing the heavy bag lift, turn and put in the boot

Check out the Trolley Dash!!!

Must organise myself and get this all logged on Running Free Online… I did exactly what I promised myself I wouldn’t do and have let it build up! Urgh!!! Oh well at least the important bit – the actual exercise – is done!


🙂 xxx