Let them eat cake (including me)

On the 2nd of January I got woken up by my then 2 year old Blue One saying “I want a Spider-Man party for my birthday” and this is what he continued to say for the next few weeks.  So I planned and got everything ready, buying a Spider-Man party set from Amazon (table cloth, cups, plates and napkins).  Ordered red paper party bags which I was going to decorate Spider-Man style and literally the week before his birthday, which is the 11th of February, we got begging of “I want a Sporkus (Sportacus from LazyTown) party…” cue tearful sobbing.

So with limited time left, what’s a mother to do? I’d already ordered and received everything, so rather than completely give into his demands which I didn’t agree with I compromised and made it a multi-hero themed party – i.e. I made the party bags Superman, Spider-Man and Sportacus.

I then redesigned the cake so it included both Spider-Man and Sportacus, below is the photo story of the development of this cake.  I hope you enjoy it…

The theme of the cake was based on the Blue One’s Spider-Man trainers – and I took this and designed/drew my own Sportacus themed trainer.

Designing the Sportacus Trainer
Designing the Sportacus Trainer

The cakes were all dairy and wheat/gluten free as I am currently on a Low FODMAP diet and I can’t eat these things at the moment and after putting so much work into them – I wanted to be able to eat them!!!  The cake was dairy and wheat/gluten free chocolate cake (I made three sheets) – each sheet made with 150g Dove’s plain flour mixed with 1tsp Dr Oetker’s baking powder which is gluten free, 50g cocoa powder and 50g melted Kinnerton chocolate – which is diary, gluten and nut free – with a splash of Alpro Soya milk and 200g of eggs – weight of eggs is with shells removed (approx 4 medium eggs – but yes I did weigh them).

The filling and crumb coat frosting was 500g Pure Sunflower spread (this has the lowest amount of salt and tastes the closest to buttercream made with unsalted butter), 500g icing sugar and 2 bars of melted dairy free kinnerton chocolate – yummy even if I do say so myself.

I had help, as always from my cake guru sister Sarah of Caking it, for which I am eternally grateful.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

Number 10

Number 11

Number 13




Thanks goes to the fotor.com website where I made my collages for free!

Any questions or comments gratefully received and thanks for looking!

🙂 xxx

8 thoughts on “Let them eat cake (including me)

    • And I’ve just realised my Mum could eat this cake (she’s also gluten free / dairy free at the moment) – maybe I’ll make it this week for my birthday! How long did you bake it for / what temp etc please??


      • The sheets took about 20 mins at 180 – though depends how thick they are – if they have more depth they may take longer! I did mine in 3 sheets to build the height for the trainer. My tin is 12in x 9in. I also recommend freezing them to improve the crumb. I also did sugar syrup on them – this is great to add moisture – ratio of 1:1 – 100ml water to 100g of caster sugar and just bring to the boil – can add a splash of vanilla if you like – I also put a splash of vanilla in my dairy free frosting! Good luck! Let me know how you get on! 😊xxx

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  1. Forgot to add – I used vitalite in my sponge – 200g.
    Cream caster sugar (200g) and vitalite (200g) together. Then add the melted kinnerton (50g) – make sure it’s not too hot when you add it, I melt in the microwave. Whisk in your eggs (4 x med or weigh them at 200g). Then add your flour (150g), cocoa powder (50g) and baking powder (1tsp) mix thoroughly – then put into a greased and lined tin… 😊️xxx


  2. Wow, just looks gorgeous. We had the same with our blue one. Batman, batman, batman, Captain America, Batman, Batman.

    His birthday fell on captain america week!!!, That was back in december and he hasn’t been captain america since. Party was fine though, same as you he got what he initially wanted

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