Feeling Flat

I’m not 100% sure what’s triggered me feeling like this today – I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing by sharing it on my blog, but if just one other person reads this and feels just the slightest relief that they’re not the only one who has flat days then I think it’s worth it!

That’s the best descriptive word to cover my mood today – just flat – it’s one of those days where doing anything takes an exorbitant amount of effort (including writing this), so considering how much I had to do today made it exhausting. Plastering a smile on your face and pretending you’re fine – when in fact colours look muted, nothing holds your interest, noisy crowds are overwhelming and in reality all you want to be is safely at home! Just ‘meh’, feeling sad and lonely, even with people around.
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Sadly, did not involve The City Mile

Initially I was excited for Juneathon Day 14 as we were signed up to do The City Mile – we were going to run in the Family Wave – but due to my injured foot we decided it would be a sensible decision not to go!

This was such a hard decision to make – I was excited for my Pink One and Blue One to get their first medals – fortunately we’d not told them we were going so I wasn’t letting them down too much! I feel so sad, so not feeling it for today, so my exercise has been somewhat halfhearted! 😩

I did an hour of house work – including vacuuming and putting away a load of laundry, which mean a few trips up and down the stairs.

I also did 14 toe touches, sit and reaches and sit ups/tummy crunches (ouch – I must be doing something right!!!)

😊 xxx

Fallen out of love

Recently I’ve been caught up in remembering how to study, dealing with my kids, my low FODMAP diet getting to me, life just generally catching up with me and feeling quite run down…

I have lost my running mojo and it’s ages since I’ve worn these beautiful trainers…

Did consider taking some berroca but it contains things I should avoid on my low FODMAP diet! Blooming typical!!!

Anyone else gone through a running low? What did you do to pick yourself up and get running again?

Any suggestions gratefully received and much wanted!!!

Thank you in advance!