Skipped Day 13 of Janathon too…

So today regarding my exercise for Janathon day 13 was a bit of déjà vu as it involved Skipping and doing some Wii Fit plus – the major difference was feeling the ache in my legs from yesterday’s skipping exertions! Ouch!!!

Seriously, how did I spend hours skipping as a little girl? It was tough doing 12 minutes this afternoon – I’m hoping my legs don’t feel too bad tomorrow as hoping to do a longer run in preparation for Sunday – but we’ll see how we go!

I really hope all this exercise is doing me good – haha!!!

Aerobic Exercise
Super Hula Hoop
Rhythmic Boxing Super Advanced

Balance Games
Ski Jump

Training Plus
Rhythmic Kung Fu

Now to start going to bed at a more reasonable time… Suppose you can’t do everything!!!


Janathon Tally
Running Mileage: 13.11km/5.62 miles
Total Running Time: 01:37:50
Star Jumps: 10
Running on the Spot: count of 20
Push ups: 3
Zumba Calypso warm up: 1
Zumba Salsa Beginners: 1
Boxing: 01:05:00
Total Number of planks: 3
Total time planking: 1mins 40secsc
Wii Fit: 02:21:00
Walking Mileage: 5.77km/
Total Walking Time: 02:09:50
Total Skipping: 1168 jumps
Total skipping time: 00:22:00

Fun: 8/10

Total Janathon Time: 08:30:00 (according to everything I’ve logged on Runningfreeonline)

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