Crockfit Fitness Weekend – Cuddlies for my Kiddies

So towards the end of January, I went on a Fitness Weekend being hosted by Alex Crockford, with Replenish You, held in a beautiful manor house in Loughborough. I will share with you soon as to why I did this and all the amazing details covering the exercise and food over various blog posts but before, that I thought I would share some of the photos I took over the weekend to send back to my children – rather fitting as we have just celebrated mother’s day – and just to prove the point that no matter where you are, even when having some me time, you are always a mum!

This would be the longest I had everย been away from my kids, four nights in total, so to help them (and me) I said I would take along a soft toy of their choosing and send photos back to them via Daddy to show what we were up to, obviously this then became two cuddlies as my children had to select one each, the Pink One and Blue One couldn’t possibly come to a compromise on one… haha…

So here you go, just for fun, what two cheeky cuddly toys got up to on my fitness weekend away…

All ready to go… Wow mummy’s suitcase is heavy and full, glad we’re travelling in her rucksack!
On the platform at New Eltham waiting for the train to Charing Cross. Mummy got very warm dragging her very heavy suitcase, she said it was like a workout, but we were nice and cosy being carried in her backpack!
Safely on the train to Charing Cross – yay we got a seat!
Pulling into Charing Cross. Look at the beautiful skies as we travelled across the bridge and into the station.
Here we are on the concourse in Charing Cross, it’s all a bit scary though. there are so many people and it’s all sooo BIG! We’ll be staying in the bag thank you!
Mummy did then start walking from Charing Cross to St Pancras International but unfortunately the wheels on her suitcase started to buckle which made moving it really difficult so we all jumped on the bus – we believe it was the 68 but can’t remember for sure!
We made it to St Pancras, and mum being mum we were two hours early for our train! St Pancras is a beautiful station but what to do while we wait for the train?
This is what we did – we went and bought some chocolate! We were good though, we did make it last and didn’t eat it all at once! We even shared with mummy!
We got on the train safely, we did some puzzles to keep ourselves occupied as we travelled to Loughborough.
Once we got to Loughborough we were collected by Anthony in their car, we headed to their house where we got to see Sarah and the kids too. We spent a night there before heading to the fitness weekend the next day.
We helped make dinner – we’re not just trying to eat it, though it did smell divine and was totally delicious. Vegetable pilaf from a Jamie Oliver cook book – perfect for dinner!
Chilled out on the sofa once the kids were in bed and watched a bit of TV. So lovely to relax after a long and busy day.
Then it was time to snuggle up in bed, we missed the Pink One and Blue One but we were brave and slept very well. It had been such an exciting day, we were exhausted.
Breakfast was so good – it was a gluten free banana and chocolate chip loaf, super tasty! Mummy did kindly share with us.
Once mummy had finished eating breakfast she headed up for a shower, we got her hair dryer and straighteners ready for when she finished showering.
Here we are in mummy’s lovely room at the manor house in Loughborough, where Anthony kindly dropped us off – we got nice and cosy, so that’s where we stayed for the remainder of the evening whilst mummy got to know the other lovely people attending the fitness weekend.
So the following morning started with a wonderful morning hike. We tried to hide in mummy’s welly boots before we went but she found us! We enjoyed the walk from the comfort of mummy’s back pack!
We tried to help with the cooking, but we weren’t really needed as all the food was prepared by the lovely Ceri from Natural Kitchen Adventures – mummy thoroughly enjoyed all the food, she said she’s going to provide a separate blog post all about it, so look out for that! It will have your mouth watering.
We were chilling out on the bed after mummy did an exceptionally cold and wet HIIT session. Don’t you think we look good in her cap and buff? We were glad to be safe and warm inside…
…because whilst we were there it actually snowed! Being inside was definitely the better option – don’t tell mummy, but we did have a little giggle at them working out in the cold and snow… shhhh…
We did some exploring of the house before it was time to leave, we did a lovely duet on the piano, we really did, honest!
We even got a photo with the lovely Alex Crockford and his delightful fiancee Sarah – they were so nice! We had a great time – but now it was time to head home!
We got to spend one more night with the wonderful King family before getting ready to make our way home.
On the bus to Charing Cross and nearly home! Though we loved our adventure away from home we were so excited to be getting back to the Pink One and Blue One!

Hope you enjoyed our adventure – have you ever done something special for your children when you’ve gone away?ย  Share them with us, we’d love to hear them! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

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