Decathlon Blogger Community

Don’t you just love the word community? It feels all inclusive, doesn’t it?

A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

– Oxford English Dictionary

In this instance, it’s a group of people having a particular characteristic in common – which is a love for being physically active and sharing it with others, even if occasionally we might embarrass ourselves doing it (ok, that might just be me) and that’s the ethos and plan of Decathlon (to share physical activity with others, not embarrass ourselves – that’s purely a personal choice, or can’t be helped in my case).

So Decathlon has gathered together a band of like-minded wonderful individuals (sending the above fun goodie bag with the invite), with a love of various sports, but all having preferences for different sports – the aim being to get us to try out different activities, which we may not have otherwise given a go, and also trying kit, and sharing it with the wider world to really get “Sport to all”, such as is Decathlon’s aim, and they’ve invited me to join this group too. Yay!
To launch this initiative they got us all together on Thursday 28th September for a night of fun and games – I did get there a bit later – having come straight from my Personal Training course, so went straight in at the deep end, joining with the awesome Red Team, as we warmed up for some circuits! The Red Team, at this point, consisting of Marcus, Helen and Lucy!

Thank you for the activity pics Elle Linton

We did chest presses on a Decathlon bench, though I managed to finagle myself some 3kg dumbbells (as opposed to 5kg or 10kg – that wasn’t happening!). Throwing a slamball. Weighted lunges, using Decathlon’s 10kg weighted vest – which is what I think caused my DOMs the next day. Weighted farm walk! All those circuit sessions I have been doing at the gym may have paid off – though oh my poor glutes the next day! 😛

Feeling quizzical and the winning Yellow Team!

We then went inside and did a sports-based quiz, where the delightfully lovely Eileen joined the Red Team – hooray! We did really well, I think a lot of our score was from our bonus points, and we came second place in the quiz! Go us!
There was lots of delicious food and general chit chat, it’s great to catch up with other bloggers – thank you Decathlon for a great evening. I had so much fun!  I look forward to the wonderful things I will get to work on with Decathlon, and together we are also hoping for my Pink One and Blue One to get involved and hopefully review some of the children’s kit which is very exciting and will be very truthful! My kids will definitely tell you how it is!

I think Bethan and I make this Decathlon signage look good! Thank you, Helen, for taking the piccie!

Watch out for our future fab Decathlon adventures… 🙂 xxx

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