A Treat of a Trip to Tring

I was very lucky two weeks ago to go to Champneys Spa in Tring, courtesy of Champneys and Vitality – and it came at just the right time, the Saturday after I completed my Level 3 Personal Training course!

Now the reason for this wonderful treat is actually because I’m very excitingly going to be working with Vitality on their #WomenInSport Campaign, and it was at this event I got to meet some of the other lovely female bloggers who are also getting involved! I met Georgina, Terri, Sophie, Katrina, Laura and Charlotte – the other ladies taking part who couldn’t be there on the day are Lucy and Tess – please check out all their journeys too!

We were all subjected to a challenging HIIT class – but this then totally justified us milling around in fluffy white dressing gowns, eating delicious food and then soaking in a wonderful jacuzzi, enjoying the sauna and steam room – though I’ll take the others word on the fact the plunge pool was invigorating!

This also gave us the opportunity to talk and get to know each other a bit more – and these women, take my word for it, are amazing and inspiring!

Now the plan for this campaign is to get each of us involved with a woman’s team local to us – either in rugby, hockey, football or netball, for six weeks – share with you how we get on and hopefully inspire other women to get involved in a team sport, to raise awareness and hopefully increase its visibility.

I have to admit, I am quite excited, I am hoping to join a local women’s football team – and it was strange when I was contacted about this opportunity, as I’d literally that weekend said to my Hubby, I would like to join a football team, but wondered if I was too old, not skilled enough and mainly wouldn’t have known where to start looking.

This is such a strange thing for me to say, as only five years ago this would have just scared me, sports, exercise, the whole team thing I would have found so intimidating – but now the idea thrills me, though I am still decidedly nervous, so I am very glad that there others doing this at the same time – it’s amazing to be part of this team too! 🙂

I cannot wait to see my fellow bloggers stories and I look forward to sharing my experiences of my #WomenInSport journey!

What team sport would you like to try?

One thought on “A Treat of a Trip to Tring

  1. Hey Geraldine, it was so lovely to meet with you and all the #WomenInSport team and what an amazing place to meet, at Champneys Spa in Tring! How great is it that you was thinking of joining a football team, perfect timing! I’ve opted for Netball and as I’m use to running solo this will be an exciting challenge for me! Best of luck and hopefully I’ll see you soon x

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