Decathlon Scavenger Hunt

I was invited along to do a Scavenger Hunt by Decathlon at their Surrey Quays store – and of course, I jumped at the chance, who wouldn’t want to do a treasure hunt? (I am just a big kid really!)

I travelled there with the lovely Helen on a very pleasant evening, where we were greeted by Bella at the Decathlon offices and got to briefly chat and mingle with the other bloggers before being sorted into our teams. I made up a third of the green team with the lovely Sabine and delightful Bethan.

Me, the lovely Sabine and the delightful Bethan

Bella explained the various aspects of the Scavenger Hunt and then we were off, with an hour to complete the challenge.  Fortunately for Sabine and me, we were with a Decathlon Store guru in Bethan, she knew the layout of the store exceptionally well which definitely gave us an advantage.  As a Decathlon store novice, I think the layout of the store is very intuitive and clearly signposted so I would have been able to make my own way around, just probably not as quickly.

An example of one of our questions was along the lines of;

What is the Caperlan logo? Can you draw it? What does it symbolise?

Caperlan Logo – Ying & Yang anyone?

We also had to get some fetching camouflage gloves and model them for a selfie.

It was great fun running around the store, seeing all the wonderful products that Decathlon sell as we completed the Scavenger Hunt, there really is a massive range, but it doesn’t feel cluttered or overwhelming.

Whilst our answers were being checked and the scores totted up, we had some photos of all us being ‘intense in tents’ 😛

Apparently, the Pink team won – but I might possibly demand a recount ;-P not that I am a sore loser or anything! We did come second out of the three teams, and everyone received a great goody bag, so it’s not all bad! I can’t complain really.

Who doesn’t love a Goody Bag?

I really love my Quechua backpack, and at £6.99 to buy you cannot argue with that price, which I have already used numerous times, on a couple of trips up London and also as my new gym bag, it’s just the perfect size – holds plenty but is quite compact at the same time.

I have also used, and really liked, my nabaiji microfibre towel which came to a Spinning class with me – that definitely tested it’s absorbency properties!

Good for drying the bike as well as me!!!

The other items in the bag were;
Domyos Anti-Burst Fit Ball Small – which is great, but I will be entering it into the raffle for my Brave the Shave in June (another blog post about that soon) as this ball is a small and the maximum height for the ball is 165cm and I am 172cm.
Kalenji 500ml Bottle and Belt – I’ve not used this yet, but am looking forward to giving it a try. I normally carrying my bottle, and at the risk of sounding morbid – if I am on an evening run I consider it a feasible weapon! :-O

And finally a very lovely gift card – yay, which I have a hunch will be put towards a new leotard for my Pink One rather than something new for me – but such are the joys of parenthood! haha!

The chance to chat with the other bloggers and the Decathlon team once all the scavenging shenanigans were complete was a real highlight of the evening. It was wonderful to talk over tasty food with other bloggers and just generally unwind. I had such a good time, and I truly do love getting to know new people – it was an absolute pleasure to meet/catch up with; Eileen, Corey, Marcus, Beki, Mollie, Helen, Sabine and Bethan.

Food and Fine Company – bliss!

Decathlon is a brilliant store, with so much variety of activity kit all under one roof and at extraordinarily reasonable prices – I would highly recommend them for your sports needs, from fishing, to biking, to gymnastics, to scuba gear and so much more, they will most likely have whatever you need! I think I could lose hours in there, and I should never be allowed to go there unsupervised (I am warning you now Hubby – there are so many things in Decathlon that I ‘need’ – honest!)

Says it all!!!

Do you use Decathlon? What’s your favourite part about the stores/website? 🙂 xxx

Lovely Bloggers and the wonder Decathlon Team
Thank you so much to Decathlon for inviting me to their event, and the very much appreciated goody bag.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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