Future Fit Training Nutrition Event with Action PR

Ok, this actually started as an Instagram post (for the photo I’ve used as my feature image), but I realised I was prattling on for too long for a caption and thought it best to share my thoughts in a short(ish) blog post…

Last night I attended a brilliant event hosted by Action PR, with the lovely Helen – presented by the lovely Performance Nutritionist Tilly Spurr for Future Fit Training, which gave myself and a few others the overview of the importance of Childhood Nutrition.

The whole event was fantastic and meeting people with a passion for their chosen career paths and continuous hunger to learn was contagious – I’m literally buzzing with ideas and thoughts, which is why I have ended up writing this post as I am having about a million things going through my brain (but for once they are positive and not led by my anxiety), and they have got me even considering what new pathways this might lead me on in terms of what I want to do as a career (I’m not sure my poor hubby will be happy to hear this, but hopefully they will fit with my current learning and plans)  – and through my blog and social media

Tilly takings us through the Eatwell Guide
Tilly takings us through the Eatwell Guide

I have learnt through personal experience (so basically the hard way – and trust me it was hard, I am hoping to publish a specific post on this soon!) how important a good balanced diet and regular exercise is – the improvement this has made, not just on my physical well-being, but my mental health is just amazing, but it’s taken me to be in my 30s to understand this and live it! Imagine having this knowledge from childhood? Being able to know as a child, and as parent, the differences needed in feeding your child and feeding yourself! It could be amazing! I’m not talking about over teaching our children about nutrition and swamping them with facts and figures, but to give them the building blocks to make healthy food choices, which could hopefully go through life with them.

The swiss ball that was my chair for this event - exercise whilst you learn!
The swiss ball that was my chair for this event – exercise whilst you learn!

I really don’t believe we are taught enough about the Power of Food, especially not in school – and I really believe it could make such a difference to people’s lives. There are so many faddy trends out there, that are so easy to get caught up in – as they are endorsed by celebrities, so they must be good and they make you think “I’m being really healthy doing this” but may not actually be doing you as much good as you think, or in some scenarios possibly doing you damage, but if we could be taught the scientific and the psychological (all be it simply) benefits behind the reasons we need various food groups I truly believe it could monumentally change people’s lives – I really really do – and what better place to start educating than childhood!?

Not using words such as ‘fat’, ‘skinny’ or even ‘obese’ which are just belittling and probably the instigators of many a childhood hangup which could in later life develop into an eating disorder (as these may be what children overhear) – but words like nourishment, energy, healthy, power, physical and mental well-being, happiness and feeling good would be far more empowering!

Also understanding what body shape is healthy for you, because not everyone is the same!

I currently feel the more I learn about nutrition the less I realise I really know – I think these days I eat healthily and a good variety, and I exercise regularly, but from what I picked up yesterday I have a lot more to learn, but this can only be a good thing and lead on to bigger and better things?  I cannot wait to get started.

From this event I’ve signed up to study the Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention course with Future Fit Training and I am so excited, I’m practically bouncing off the walls! Once I’ve done a few modules I will be back to share my experiences in another blog post – I cannot wait to go on this learning path, though still trying to figure how to fit it in with my OU degree, the kids, starting my own business, as the right balance of sleep is important too, but I am finding this new avenue of nutrition, health (physical & mental), exercise so motivating – I know I am following the right path!

Though I have to say my mantra from now on is one my dad has said since I was a little girl “Everything in Moderation”* and you know what – I think he’s right don’t you? 🙂 xxx

A poster I saw on my journey to the event - and for some reason I feel it is appropriate...
A poster I saw on my journey to the event – and for some reason I feel it is appropriate to share…
*Obviously this doesn’t refer to things we know are bad for you such as drugs (just thought I better add in the fine print!)

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