The Blue Ones Football Skills

My Blue One loves his football! His first words (after the obligatory ‘mama’ and ‘dada’) were ball and goal – so we knew early on! Think it’s in his genetics as his daddy is a pretty good player himself! The Blue One has been attending football sessions with AW Football Coaching since he was two years old! He’s now four – so he’s been playing for half his life!!! :-He adores his Coach Alex and really looks up to him – and Alex is great with the kids. How he remembers all their names is a mystery to me!

The Blue One loves it and actually attends four sessions a week (that’s 3.5 hours of football a week, occasionally a bit more if he goes to a Friday session too!) – we’re enjoying the ability to do this as much as we can as he starts school in September and this will obviously all change. It’s amazing watching someone so young, who actually has a talent, but thoroughly enjoying himself at the same time as well as getting lots of exercise and keeping fit! I love that my kids love being so active! It’s wonderful!

I film him most sessions, he likes watching himself on video and I like seeing the way his abilities have progressed, but I am careful when it comes to sharing the videos because there are other children there, but there were a few sessions where I was able to film just him and I had my first play in iMovies and put the below video together!

This was when he was just over 3.5 years old – back in November 2015 (can’t believe it’s that long ago now – he’s come on a lot since then) – it’s taken me a while to share as the music I initially had with it I couldn’t share as I don’t have the copyright permission – but now I’ve been introduced to the wonderful – where I can get lots of music to put with my videos and share under the creative commons license! yay!

I hope you enjoy it!

What activities do your kids enjoy? It’d be lovely to hear from you, feel free to share in the comments below! πŸ™‚ xxx

16 thoughts on “The Blue Ones Football Skills

    • Oh thank you! Such a pity the sessions stopped. My little girl would love to play football as well, but my Blue Ones coach can’t get enough girls in her age group (she’s six) – she does gymnastics and they both do swimming too! Lovely seeing them active isn’t it!? πŸ˜„x


  1. The video is so slick!! He’s a clever little Chappie isn’t he!! My little one is only two..but his current fave activity is worm hunting πŸ˜‚

    Must be lovely when you see their hobby and fave thing turn into something great! X

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    • Isn’t it just – I wish I had a talent like his! At the moment he just plays – I’m sure it won’t be long until he’s watching it all the time too! πŸ˜‚x


    • It’s so good isn’t it! Love seeing my kids active. My daughter does gymnastics and they both love swimming! My daughter is desperate to go running with me – she’s only six! She’ll be faster than me in no time though!!! πŸ˜„x


    • Just a pity it all has to cost so much doesn’t it!?! Haha! I think my daughter would love to do drama and dancing as well as her gymnastics and swimming – but can’t afford it all and there aren’t enough hours in the day! 😜x


    • Oh thank you! ☺️ I bet you little will love once he can joy his local club. My Blue One was lucky as his coach runs classes for kids from about 2 years old! 😊x


    • He loves his football – enjoying it as much as we can before he starts school in September *sob* so he’s going to a session between four to five times a week only 45mins to an hour long. Come September that’ll cut down to about two sessions a week!
      I bet you’re little boy would love it! 😊x


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