What a difference a day makes

Today I did a lot, so this is great for Juneathon Day 16! Somewhat of an improvement from yesterday!!!

  • Walk to and from school in the morning for the Pink One
  • Two lots of laundry hung out (which did involve climbing up and down stairs!)
  • A walk to the park with the Blue One
  • Played bat and ball with the Blue One
  • Kicked a football with the Blue One
He shoots... He scores...
He shoots… He scores…
  • Stood and walked around the playground as the Blue One played
  • Walked home from the park with the Blue One
  • Walked to collect Pink One from school and home again
  • Played a bit in the garden with the kiddies
  • A short brisk walk with Helen! Then a quick jog home! Thankfully my foot seems a lot better! Yay!
A walk and a jog
A walk and a jog
  • 16 toe touches, 16 sit and reaches, 16 sit ups/tummy tucks! (Why do I always end up doing these in the evening!?!

Check out my step count for the day – and there are times when I didn’t carry my phone on me, so there were more steps!!!

Oooo, lots of steps!!!
Oooo, lots of steps!!!

I’m exhausted, my feet are sore, my legs ache and now I have to study and funnily enough all I really want to do is go to sleep – can’t imagine why!?!

🙂 xxx

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