Janathon Day 16 – Danson Park and Weights

It was an exceptionally cold, but very beautiful Parkrun at Danson Park today! It did take all my effort to get myself there, especially as I had to clear ice off my car and the thermometer in there said it was -2, but get there I did. For the majority of the run I couldn’t feel my feet – and it took finishing and being back in my car to get any feeling in my fingers!
Danson ParkI am a bit of a plodder and seem stuck at about 7 minutes a kilometer, really hoping over time my speed will increase, but with how icy the conditions were today I was extremely happy to stick to my plod! Though least with the ground being slightly frozen it had hardened up some of the muddier patches, which made them easier to run on.
RouteDanson Park is a two lap Parkrun, and after the first lap my right ankle did give me some pain, but not excruciating so I was able to keep going and fortunately it did ease.

By 10am I was back in the warmth of my car and heading hope. Not my fastest 5k by any means, but a respectable 00:34:42 which makes for a new PB at Danson Park, so I’ll be happy with that!

I then had a quick, but delightfully hot shower, dried my hair, got dressed then out again to pop to Bromley as I had an appointment with the Benefit makeup team at the Boots in the Glades, sorry I mean Intu (it will always be the Glades to me), which was part of my Christmas present.) I enjoyed my half an hour of pampering, and do like the Benefit makeup, and the lady dealing with me was very jovial and helpful, though I do feel she put the make up on a bit heavy for my taste!

I then did lots of walking to various shops, picked up a few bits in Primark – managed to get a t-shirt I’ve been after and picked up a lovely jumper dress in the sale, my final visit was to Argos – I am now the proud owner of my first set of dumbbells! A set of 2 x 0.5kg weights, 2 x 1kg weights and 2 x 1.5kg weights – carrying 6kg of weights, plus my additional shopping was a second work out in itself!!! My arms were burning by the time I made it back to the car park! I look forward to using them!

Lifting some Weights
Lifting some Weights

I am currently feeling absolutely exhausted, though do need to get on with some OU study and sorting receipts for my sister – I think the reason may be that I have in total today (well whenever I was carrying my phone to record the information) covered 12.44km (16,014 steps) – don’t think tomorrow will be quite as active, but happy with my efforts for Janathon Day 16! 🙂 xxx

What a difference a day makes

Today I did a lot, so this is great for Juneathon Day 16! Somewhat of an improvement from yesterday!!!

  • Walk to and from school in the morning for the Pink One
  • Two lots of laundry hung out (which did involve climbing up and down stairs!)
  • A walk to the park with the Blue One
  • Played bat and ball with the Blue One
  • Kicked a football with the Blue One

He shoots... He scores...
He shoots… He scores…

  • Stood and walked around the playground as the Blue One played
  • Walked home from the park with the Blue One
  • Walked to collect Pink One from school and home again
  • Played a bit in the garden with the kiddies
  • A short brisk walk with Helen! Then a quick jog home! Thankfully my foot seems a lot better! Yay!

A walk and a jog
A walk and a jog

  • 16 toe touches, 16 sit and reaches, 16 sit ups/tummy tucks! (Why do I always end up doing these in the evening!?!

Check out my step count for the day – and there are times when I didn’t carry my phone on me, so there were more steps!!!

Oooo, lots of steps!!!
Oooo, lots of steps!!!

I’m exhausted, my feet are sore, my legs ache and now I have to study and funnily enough all I really want to do is go to sleep – can’t imagine why!?!

🙂 xxx

Today I cleaned up…

And I mean that in the literal sense!

Equipment of Choice!
Equipment of Choice!

My exercise of choice this morning was vacuuming – which included the more strenuous section of doing the stairs! Got quite warm – though this may have also been due to choice of chunky jumper I was wearing!

I even found a site where you can calculate the approximate about of calories you burn doing various exercises and you can even look up household activities including vacuuming!

Calorie Lab

Though personally I’m not really into calorie calculating – I want to do exercise to become fit (and it would be nice to be toned) and not for weight loss purposes as I am already borderline underweight! I attribute this to IBS and a whole host of food intolerances – I’m going on a dietician led elimination diet in February and I can’t wait as it’s getting so frustrating, it’s horrible to be frightened of food and you can’t complain about being underweight!!! Which I can assure you is rather stressful. This week though I’ve limited my wheat/gluten and dairy intake and increased my water intake to see if that helps as I really don’t want to suffer runners tum on my 10km run on Sunday!!!

Found this site which I feel actually provided some great advice on how to deal with the annoying side affect of running and why it happens! Very useful – worth a look On runnersworld.com

Obviously Runner’s Tum might not be something you want to mention you suffer with – but if you do please share what you do to try and prevent it happening or what has worked for you! I’d appreciate it and I’m sure others would too!!!

Though I suffer with anxiety as well and that doesn’t help either – as you can see from the site that in itself can be a trigger!!! Haha!!! I sound a bundle of fun don’t I!?!

Sorry – went off on a tangent there!

I also managed a bit of time on Wii Fit Plus – definitely made it a bit more interesting to try and do with the Blue One up and around, my own mini personal trainer except he kept requesting rather loudly that he wanted to do bowling and kept generally getting under my feet! He was good really, just happier once he was having his game of bowling!

Aerobic Exercise
Super Hula Hoop Rhythmic Boxing Super Advanced

Training Plus
Rhythmic Kung Fu

Finally I went on a very pleasant walk with my mum, dad and the Blue One! We did about 2.16km/1.3 miles in half an hour – not bad with a not quite 3 year old walking too! Such beautiful weather when we walked too, it was lovely, really lifts the spirits! So quite an active day!

Lovely Walk!
Lovely Walk!


Janathon Tally
Running Mileage: 18.67km/11.60 miles
Total Running Time: 02:21:50
Star Jumps: 10
Running on the Spot: count of 20
Push ups: 3
Zumba Calypso warm up: 1
Zumba Salsa Beginners: 1
Boxing: 01:05:00
Total Number of planks: 3
Total time planking: 1mins 40secsc
Wii Fit: 02:55:00
Walking Mileage: 8.97km/
Total Walking Time: 03:41:48
Total Skipping: 1168 jumps
Total skipping time: 00:22:00
Total Vacuuming Time: 00:25:00
Fun: 9/10

Total Janathon Time: 10:45:58 (according to everything I’ve logged on Runningfreeonline)