Sadly, did not involve The City Mile

Initially I was excited for Juneathon Day 14 as we were signed up to do The City Mile – we were going to run in the Family Wave – but due to my injured foot we decided it would be a sensible decision not to go!

This was such a hard decision to make – I was excited for my Pink One and Blue One to get their first medals – fortunately we’d not told them we were going so I wasn’t letting them down too much! I feel so sad, so not feeling it for today, so my exercise has been somewhat halfhearted! 😩

I did an hour of house work – including vacuuming and putting away a load of laundry, which mean a few trips up and down the stairs.

I also did 14 toe touches, sit and reaches and sit ups/tummy crunches (ouch – I must be doing something right!!!)

😊 xxx

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