Some exercise was done!

So a bit more exercise was actually done for my Juneathon Day 29 contribution!

  • This morning I did about 3 hours of house work – I actually broke a sweat! Cleaning down of sides, washing up, putting away laundry, sweeping floors and vacuuming! I even bleached round the bath!!!
  • There was the walks to and from school for the Pink One
  • I did my 29 toe touches, 29 sit and reaches and 29 sit ups/tummy crunches!


How is everyone else finding the hot weather?

πŸ™‚ xxx

2 thoughts on “Some exercise was done!

  1. The hot weather here in Wales has been lovely.
    The couple of downsides are that I’m breaking out in a sweat without actually doing anything, and getting to sleep has been difficult. But who can moan when there are blue skies? Can’t beat weather like this πŸ˜€

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