Short and sweet

Going out to my friend’s house this evening so getting this completed early, and just a short one for Juneathon Day 26.

After yesterday’s grumpy/ranting post (from which I received lots of nice supportive messages and advice – so thank you!) todays post has something happy to share with you – I managed to log back into MapMyRun!!! Yay!!! Woohoo!!!
Didn’t try until this afternoon – so no step count for today, so below I share yesterdays one with you!

Yesterday's Step Count
Yesterday’s Step Count

My exercise today:

  • The Big Shop in Morrisons – with the Blue One in the trolley along with all the shopping (heavy!)
  • 26 toe touches, 26 sit and reaches and 26 sit ups/tummy crunches – can’t believe I forgot to do these yesterday!!! Wallowing in my own world of self pity instead!!! haha!! πŸ˜› My son joined me – which was very sweet, but he kept tooting which was rather whiffy!!! Sorry for TMI!!!
Sit up...Blue One toot...whiffy... :-D
Sit up…Blue One toot…whiffy… πŸ˜€

πŸ™‚ xxx

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